Lencarta Lightweight Portable Tripod with Bag | 102cm

Lencarta Lightweight Portable Tripod with Bag | 102cm

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This is a great lightweight tripod for any photographer looking to shoot small product photography with their camera or phone or even video calls with the smartphone and tablet base plate included. The size of the tripod folded is only 34.5cm which makes it ideal for on the go photography. It also has a weight of 420g which is perfect for storing in a bag or even carrying in your hand. Once the photo device is fitted securely on the tripod, you can then move the position of the camera up/down / left right using the swivel handle or even move the camera from horizontal to vertical with the tripod head. This is a great product for lightweight camera devices and other devices similar.

  • BUILT IN LEVEL: This has a built in spirit level which allows you to make sure that your camera is straight at all times. It is located at the side of the tripod head so you can see it easily when a camera or photo device is locked onto the tripod.
  • FOUR SECTION LEG: The tripod can be used at four different heights with its 4 section leg locks. This is a great option for anybody looking to do small product photography at the minimum height or even photography where the height needs to be raised to its maximum height.
  • 3- WAY PANNHEAD: This tripod has a great 3-way pan feature where you can move the camera around in different positions/locations. Using the handle, you can tilt the camera side to side or even up and down, once you have found the position you need, you can also lock the handle in place making sure your photo device is fully safe. There is also an option on the tripod head to tilt the camera from normal to horizontal position and lock in place after.
  • REINFORCED RUBBER LEGS: At the bottom of each leg of the tripod is a reinforced rubber grip which allows the tripod to sit comfortably in place when in use reducing the changes of the tripod blowing over or loosing balance.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: The tripod is an excellent choice for any photographer looking to shoot on the go. The total weight of the tripod is 420g making it ideal for storing or carrying in a back pack. The folding length of the tripod is 35cm and comes with a storage bag that can be carried over the shoulder or placed into a bag for extra protection.


  • BRAND: Lencarta
  • MINIMUM HEIGHT: 34.5cm
  • WEIGHT: 420g
  • MATERIAL: Aluminium
  • SCREW MOUNT: 1/4 Spigot screw mount
  • HEAD: 3 Way


  • 1x Lightweight Tripod
  • 1x Carry Case

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