When using our honeycombs with either our SmartFlash 4 or SuperFast Honeycomb Reflector, designed specifically for use with these honeycombs, the modelling lamp can be left in place if used carefully, and the special lip that is machined at the front of the honeycomb reflector will allow two honeycombs to be stacked together if required, and when honeycombs are stacked in this way they produce a much smaller circle of light and far greater resistance to lens flare.

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Lencarta 10 Degree Universal Honeycomb for 7" Standard Reflectors

Honeycombs have two primary uses.
  1. To deliver a small, soft-edged pool of light to add emphasis (for example to emphasize high cheekbones or to produce an irregular circle of light on the background
  2. For use of a backlight that doesn't produce lens flare, except when pointing almost directly at the lens.
Pro Tip - When used as a back light, flare is avoided at an angle less than that of the honeycomb.The honeycomb will fit to ANYstandard reflector designed to be used with honeycombs, provided that the reflector has a diameter of 7", so it can be used with Elinchrom, Bowens, Hensel, Balcar and other reflectors with a 7" external diameter. However, with many standard reflectors it is not possible to use a honeycomb with the modelling lamp fitted, due to the length of the modelling lamp. Which is why we developed the Honeycomb Reflector in order to allow for use of both the modelling lamp and honeycombs. Although please don't leave the modelling lamp switched on for long periods of time with honeycombs attached.If you're using a DSLR camera, you can get the background out of focus if required, simply by using a larger aperture and moving your subjects away from the background.

Who Is This Perfect For?

  • This background is ideal for everyone who needs wants a more traditional looking portrait background
  • With a simple lighting set up, this is ideal for both photographers and videographers in need of a quick simple solution

The Main Features Of The 10 Degree Honeycomb

  • 7 Inch diameter fits most standard reflectors
  • Perfect for product photography
  • Great for emphasizing elements of portraits such as high cheekbones
  • Prevents lens flares, even when being used as a backlight
  • Constructed from metal for strength and prolonging the life of the honeycombs
  • Ideal for use with the optional Honeycomb Reflector
    • 1 x 10 Degree Universal Honeycomb for 7 Inch Reflectors
    • 1 x (*Optional) Honeycomb Reflector
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