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Hakutatz BannerThis Hakutatz continuous lighting ring light is fully customisable allowing more control over power and position than ever. The power is adjustable from 10%-100% as well as the stand mount, which is adjustable up to 180 degres. This LED ring light is perfect for portraits, fashion, weddings, product photography, videos, selfies and much more. Alongside the ring light comes a large carry case to give your ring light extra protection whilst on the go, including room for extra equipment.

  • 19" Led Ring Light
  • 2.1m Slimline Stand Included
  • Adjustable Power and Position
  •  Carry Case included
  • 420W Output
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LED Ring Light | Continuous Lighting | Hakutatz | 19"



19" LED Ring Light with Stand

The 19" LED ring light kit is completely adjustable in both power and position. The power is adjustable from 10%-100% and the stand mount has an angle adjustment of 180 degrees. These adjustments allow you to get the perfect shot. Its soft, even and shadow-less light makes the LED ring light is perfect for photography, video and even make-up. You can use the LED ring light for: portraits; fashion; weddings; product photography, videos; vlogs; makeup; selfies; and much more.

The padded carry bag is lightweight and portable and features both a hand and shoulder strap, allowing the ring light to be stored away when not in use or transported to location with ease. Included with this kit is a bendable mount to hold your phone in the centre of the Ring light. The LED ring light also comes with both white and orange filter gels. The white will diffuse the light, giving a more even spread, while the orange will give a warmer looking light. There is also a 2.1m slimline light stand included making it easier to use than ever before.

The Main Features

Ring Light, beauty, lighting, makeup lighting

Carry bag, Ring Light, Vlogger, Youtube, Portable, Lightweight

Stand, ring light, lightweight

Makeup Tutorial

This Light provides flicker-free and reliable lighting that makes it the perfect choice for makeup artists to create tutorials or work on clients! The interchangeable orange and white filters offer greater lighting options to anybody in this industry.

Working From Home 

The 19" LED light is a great addition to any home office! Offering lighting for conference calls , meetings and more! This light gives a professional finish to any home setup.

Social Media Work

Whether you are interested in TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, or streaming, the 19" LED Ring Light is a great addition to your work studio! The lighting from a ring light adds a professional touch to all images and videos.

cool temperature
standard daylight temperature
warm sunny temperature colour colourful

Cool Temperature 3200K

With the cool temperature adjustment, the bluer light is of a cool white. This colour is more suited to creating a delicate, soft look for the features of your shot or video. This colour is particularly useful in kitchens, bathrooms and specular surfaces.

Daylight Balanced 4500K

The Daylight balanced colour temperature is ideal for lively settings, such as the outdoors, a modern bedroom, living rooms and more. The daylight balanced feature is the more preferred choice for those vlogging, taking portrait shots, selfies and general videos.

Warm Temperature 5600K

The warm colour temperature effect allows you to achieve a more natural lighting look. The warm temperature allows colours and features to pop against the background, creating contrast and a more tanned colour skin tone preferred by many.


  • BRAND: Hakutatz
  • OUTPUT: 420W
  • LUMENS (1m): 360-3600
  • CRI: 85
  • NUMBER OF LEDs: 180
  • POWER SUPPLY: 120V, 50/60Hz / 230V, 50/60Hz
  • COLOUR TEMPERATURE: 5500K (+/- 300K)

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  • 1x 19" LED Ring Light
  • 1x Orange Filter
  • 1x White Diffuser Filter
  • 1x Bendable Phone Mount
  • 1x UK and EU Power Supply
  • 1x Padded Carry Bag with Strap
  • 1x Slimline 2.1m Light Stand
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