Lencarta Large Roomset Softbox

Lencarta Large Roomset Softbox

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Large Roomset Softbox SOF069

This is a specialist softbox designed for photographing roomsets, for example furniture and lifestyle. However, it has many other uses too, including use as a white background ideal for photographing a single person (or a close couple), full length.

The front measures a massive 200cm x 130cm, which is the size needed for producing soft lighting in a large area.

The clever triangular design not only minimises the space needed, it also allows one or more of these softboxes to be placed into corners, and it also maximises the efficiency of the light distribution within the softbox.

Assembly is simple, it all fixes together similar to a frame tent, although you may not wish to take it apart after every use, making this softbox more suitable for large professional studios.

Once assembled, it can be moved around easily on the three included ball race castors.

The clever design directs light from two flash heads (not included) facing the rear, where it bounces around off of the sides, top and bottom of the highly efficient silver reflective material before reaching the thick, high density diffuser at the front.

The flashes are used barebulb, without reflectors or any other modifiers. and fit on to these spiggots and the flash head cables then pass through the space provided at the rear bottom of the unit.

You can see that the diffuser fits to the outside of the softbox using velcro-type material, which holds it in taut. Because of the design, the light is distributed at a fairly wide angle.

The photo shows the triangular shape, when viewed from the rear, and the photo below shows it with the flash heads fitted, and firing. The shot has been underexposed to show  how remarkably even the light distribution is. The two dark-ish areas are of course the flash heads, which inevitably block the light to a limited degree, but this makes no visible difference at normal working distances.

Front: 200cm x 130cm
Depth: 132cm

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