Godox AD-S85W White 85cm Folding Softbox | Godox Fit

Godox AD-S85W White 85cm Folding Softbox | Godox Fit

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Diagonal Measurement85cm
Folded Length85cm
Folded Width20cm
Folded Depth20cm.
  • Godox AD-S85W White Softbox
  • Internal Disk Diffuser Screen
  • 2 Disk Diffusers Silver/Gold
  • White/Wave Gold
  • Outer Diffuser
  • Honeycomb Grid
  • Carry Case

Godox AD-S85W White 85cm Folding Softbox | Godox Fit 

ETA: November 2020.


The Godox AD-S85W White 85cm Folding Softbox | Godox Fit is an ingenious, portable light modifier. With a quick and easy opening system much like the Lencarta Profold range, the Godox AD-S85 opens and closes similarly to any umbrella. The Godox S85 directly mounts on the state-of-the-art AD400 Pro and AD300 Pro that uses an incorporated Godox style modifier reflector mount, not the Bowens design. This one modifier is ideal due to it's two levels of diffusion to create degrees of increased softness, with four choices of internal deflection disk modifiers to divert the direct burst of light or warmth, change the overall wash of sharper light to a less harsh mood, for people or objects.

The ingenious disk deflectors spring into shape, like a collapsible reflector, to fit within Velcro tabs for simple placement, floating precisely over the hub, resulting in a softer spread of indirect light with or without a touch of tint. Without intervening modifiers, the softbox serves as a key light, as an exceptional reflector, even imitate an outsized focusing umbrella. The White Interior finish makes it easy to achieve soft lighting, creating delicate details. The softbox is perfect for directed light output, warming skin tones, and creating distinct contrasts. 

As with the Profold system, there are no more difficult construction issues, fumbling with flex resistant rods, or struggling in frustration for careful alignment of speedring holes. The 16-ribbed softbox opens up and closes down, 'umbrella style.' The self-catch umbrella surrounds a thick center shaft, providing a comfortable place for your fingers to push-lock the mechanism open, and a generous wide button to unlock-release and close the softbox painlessly. The quick-to-setup umbrella-like assembly has all the advantages of a grand reflector without the delicate nature posed by dent-able metal. This collapsible unit was borne for the road or studio, with sturdy aluminum support rods for structural stability and extraordinary fabric strength.

STRONG BUILD QUALITY: As well as using a thick material build quality, the Godox AD-S85W softbox has been made with a wide strip of Velcro type material that allows the diffusers and egg crate honeycomb to be fitted tightly and securely. This also allows the diffusers to be set back slightly within the Softbox which makes the light much more directional to avoid light spill

INNER AND OUTER DIFFUSER INCLUDED: Removable front and inner diffuser allows for versatility in refining how hard/soft your light is. Both diffusers are highly resistant to yellowing with age thanks to the high quality UV coating, and they can be wiped clean if needed. The opening mechanism includes a deflector plate, that restricts the light in the centre of the soft box to avoid ‘hot spots’ and directs it towards the soft box walls creating even and consistent light

IDEAL SOFTBOX FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS: This softbox is ideal for product and portrait photography. It can be used for full length portraits and also widely used to light backgrounds where the length helps to avoid fall-off from top to bottom as well as rim lighting and consistent product photography. The Godox AD-S85 is considered to be the ideal tool for creating soft light

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