Godox SB-FW 35x160cm Strip Softbox With Honeycomb Grid | Lencarta S-Fit

Godox SB-FW 35x160cm Strip Softbox With Honeycomb Grid | Lencarta S-Fit

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Size: 35 x 160cm

Honeycomb Grid: 4x4cm Squares

  • 1x 35x160cm Strip Softbox
  • 1x Inner Diffuser
  • 1x Outer diffuser
  • 1x Honeycomb Grid
  • 4x Structure Rods
  • 1x Lencarta/Bowens S-fit Speeding
  • 1x Carry bag

Godox SB-FW 35 x 160cm Strip Softbox With Honeycomb Grid | Lencarta/Bowens S-Fit

ETA: November 2020.

Softboxes are often considered to be the ideal tool for creating soft light, because they combine the soft, diffused light effect of a shoot-through umbrella with the controlled, directional (but harsher) light of a reflective umbrella. Strip soft boxes are ideal in several different lighting situations. They are the perfect tool for creating both highly controlled rim lighting for both portrait and fashion shots and for full length shots, for emphasizing the shape in glamour shots and for creating the perfect shape of specular highlight in product shots, for example wine bottles. The speed ring is fitted with a locking nut, allowing the softbox to be rotated to the exact angle needed, and when used horizontally, it’s perfect for lighting groups of people or the full length of a product in product photography

Good softbox design isn't just about the light that goes forward, it is also about preventing light from escaping from the sides and rear of the softbox, where it is very likely to cause lens flare, reduce the contrast of your shots and spill unwanted light onto reflective surfaces such as the ceiling and walls.


    As well as using a thick material build quality, the Godox strip softbox has been made with a wide strip of Velcro type material that allows the diffusers and egg crate honeycomb to be fitted tightly and securely. This also allows the diffusers to be set back slightly within the Softbox which makes the light much more directional to avoid light spill


    Removable front and inner diffuser allows for versatility in refining how hard/soft your light is. Both diffusers are highly resistant to yellowing with age thanks to the high quality UV coating, and they can be wiped clean if needed. The opening mechanism includes a deflector plate, that restricts the light in the centre of the soft box to avoid ‘hot spots’ and directs it towards the soft box walls creating even and consistent light


    This strip softbox is ideal for product and portrait photography. It can be used for full length portraits and also widely used to light backgrounds where the length helps to avoid fall-off from top to bottom as well as rim lighting and consistent product photography. The Godox 35x160cm strip softbox is considered to be the ideal tool for creating soft light

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