The reflector holder arm is the ideal product for anybody looking for a simple and easy product to hold a reflector or background in place. The holder can fit onto any standard light stand and can be secured in place using the attached screw mount. This product is designed specifically for reflectors however it can hold smaller backgrounds and backdrops too. The minimum length of the product is 67cm making it ideal to use on location or even in the studio.

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Heavy Duty Photographic Studio Holder | Telescopic Collapsible Reflector Clamp with 360 Degree Ball Joint | Lencarta

Heavy Duty Photographic Studio Holder

  • UNIVERSAL HOLDER: Using the extendable arm, the reflector holder can hold various different sized reflectors, backgrounds and backdrops, simply clamp the product in place to use.
  • SWIVEL HEAD MOUNT: Once the reflector holder is placed onto the light stand you adjust the angle of the arm as it has a ball and socket pivot which makes it easier than ever to control the position of the reflector/background.
  • EXTENDABLE BOOM ARM: The reflector holder arm has an adjustable extension arm from 67cm to 124cm allowing you to use a range of different sizes and shapes.
  • IDEAL FOR STUDIO/LOCATION: The reflector holder is both lightweight and portable making it ideal to use on location and in the studio. It’s simple and easy to use design will make the overall shooting experience much easier and hassle free.
  • THREE YEAR WARRANTY: This product comes with three year warranty meaning that we will repair (at our option) this item if it develops a fault of any kind during the warranty period.
Brand Lencarta
Material Aluminium
Weight 800g
Maximum Length  124cm
Minimum Length 67cm
Box DImensions 70x18x7cm

    • 1x Lencarta Reflector Holder

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