Lencarta Heavy Duty Century Stand With Boom Arm

Lencarta Heavy Duty Century Stand With Boom Arm

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Heavy Duty Century Stand With Boom Arm STA104

Century Stands (also known as C stands) have always been used in the movie industry, where very heavy duty and highly adjustable stands are essential.

This model includes a strong, and fully adjustable Boom Arm, which can be removed if not required.

The boom arm can be adjusted to any angle, including near vertical, and can also be adjusted for length.

A second boom arm (available separately) can also be fitted, as shown above.

It's 3 legs can each be swivelled independently, and all metal parts are chrome plated. The minimum height is 134cm, and the maximum height is 300cm, making this stand ideal for larger studios, especially when large and heavy light modifiers are used. This is a 3 section stand, and both of the adjustable extensions are spring damped, which offers some protection to your flash head if the stand is lowered suddenly.

This C Stand can, if required, be taken apart for storage. Two heavy duty clamps are included, one of these is used with the boom arm, and a second boom arm can be fitted either to the clamp that holds the first boom arm or using the second clamp

Safe Working Load:
It is impossible to provide an accurate and meaningful safe working load figure for any boom arm. With one of the stand legs pointing directly towards the flash head, and with both the height and the arm extension set to the minium, it will be safe with a load weight (flash head and modifier) of up to 10kg. But if these conditions are not met then the safe working load will be lower.

Safety advice:
With all boom arms, is is essential for safety, and to prevent damage to the product, to:

1. Arrange the stand so that one leg is pointing directly towards the flash head

2. Please adjust the effective length of the boom in order to ensure that the stand is not unbalanced. Overtightening the boom arm clamp to compensate for an unbalanced boom is unsafe and will shorten the life of your boom arm.

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