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This LED Panel is made up of 320 high-quality and flicker-free LEDs for a bright, even light. The light output can be adjusted between 10% and 100%, and the colour temperature can also be adjusted between 3200k and 5400K giving you flexibility in your lighting options. The Panel can be attached directly to cameras and other devices through the cold shoe mount, or to tripods and light stands with the 1/4" screw thread mount. This light is the perfect choice for videography, product photography, portrait photography, YouTube, and online blogging.


DIMENSIONS: 10 inch x 3.5 inch x 1.8 inch

320 durable, high quality and flicker-free LEDs

Comes with a padded carry case for extra protection

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320 LED Panel | Streaming and Video

320 LED Panel

Hakutatz 320 LED Portable Light Panel

This LED panel is a great choice for anybody looking for quick and easy fill light or even to use as the main light. The light output can be controlled by a dial ranging from 10% power to 100% allowing you to control the power to your desired needs. The colour temperature can also be adjusted between 3200k and 5400K giving you more variety in your work. The Panel itself has both hot shoe and cold shoe mounts so you can attach it to cameras and other devices. Also included at the top of the panel is a ¼” screw thread allowing you to place the LED panel directly onto a standard light stand or tripod. This is the perfect choice for videographers, product photography, portrait photography, YouTube and online blogging. All of this comes in a padded carry case allowing for extra protection when not in use.

The Main Features

320 COB LED's
Diffusion Panels
Stepless Adjustments

320 COB LED's

The VL 320 features 320 LED's, 160 3200K and 160 5600K, capable of switching between warm and cool colour temperatures, these small LED's produce 20W of power through it's included battery for over 4 hours.

Diffusion Panels

The VL 320 comes included with a removable soft diffusion panel. This can be swapped out with colour panels and temperature panels to get the exact lighting you require. This diffused panel helps soften the harsh light.

Stepless Adjustments

The VL 320 features 2 stepless adjustment dials, capable of changing the power from 10%-100% and the colour temperature anywhere between 3200k-5600k for your precise shoots.






Power 20W
Lumens 2304 LM
Average Life 50000 Hours
LEDs 160 3200K LEDs 160 5600K LEDs
CRI 95+
Compatible Batteries Sony NP-F550
Weight 253x87x60mm
Weight (Without Battery) 387g

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