This continuous lighting kit is the perfect choice for any photographer or videographer looking for a quick and easy lighting set up. Once powered on, you can simply adjust the power and colour temperature using the dial on the back of the light head. Each light head comes with two softboxes and a diffuser to help control the light output.

The two light stands included are perfect for adjusting the height of the lights with an adjustment range from 80cm to 200cm. Included with the kit is a carry bag so that you can safely keep the equipment together when not in use. This kit is used for a range of lighting options including portrait photography, studio photography, online blogging, YouTube, green screen and product photography.

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Hakuataz LED Continuous Lighting Kit

Hakuataz Beginner LED Continuous Lighting Kit


BASIC STUDIO LIGHTING SET UP KIT: This continuous lighting kit is ideal for anybody looking for quick and easy to use continuous lighting. This bundle kit includes 2x 45W LED light heads, 2x Softboxes, 2x Diffusers, 2x Light Stands, 2x Power Cables, 1x Carry case.

MULTIPLE USER OPTIONS: This type of lighting kit is very popular with portrait photography, videography, online blogging and product photography. The kit is very easy to use and is ideal for using in a studio or home environment. A carry case is also included which stores all the equipment safely when not in use.

ADJUSTABLE COLOUR TEMPERATURE: The colour temperature of the lights can be adjusted easily by turning the dial on the back of the light heads. The adjustments in both temperature and power is from 10% to 100%.

TWO ADJUSTABLE LIGHT STANDS: Two professional light stands are included. Each of the light stands has a two section tier adjustable height between 80cm and 200cm giving you more lighting options on location or in the studio.

ONE YEAR WARRANTY: This product comes with one year’s warranty meaning that we will repair or replace (at our option) this item if it develops a fault of any kind during the warranty period.

Maximum Power Outpuit 45W
Power Type LED
Colour Temperature 2700-5500K
Minimum Height Light Stand 80cm
Maximum Height Light Stand 200cm
  • 2x Softboxes
  • 2x Diffusers
  • 2x LED Bulbs 5500K
  • 2x Light Stands
  • 1x Carry Bag

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