Godox AD200 Ultimate Kit | XPro Trigger | Carry Case

Godox AD200 Ultimate Kit | XPro Trigger | Carry Case

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  • GODOX AD200 ACCESSORY KIT: This accessory kit is the perfect choice for any photographer who has the Godox Witstro AD200 portable flash. The kit comes with multiple accessories that all fit inside the Godox hard case making it ideal for on location photography or even in the studio.
  • FULL WIRELESS GODOX XPRO ADAPTABILITY: With 16 Individual groups and 32 adjustable channels to wirelessly control an unlimited number of flashes on the Godox 2.4 RF Radio system you can easily avoid signal interference with other users
  • BUILT IN GODOX 2.4G WIRELESS X SYSTEM: The Godox AD200 can fully support Canon E-TTL, Nikon i-TTL, Sony TTL, Fuji TTL and Olympus TTL systems. Fully compatible as a slave unit in a wireless flash trigger in M/Multi-Mode. Usable with Godox X Triggers such as X32, X1T, X1R, XPro and FT16 2.4G Godox Triggers on the Godox 2.4RF Radio Triggering System Frequency
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: The AD200 pocket flash has strong power with a lightweight design and great portability which can be easily packed in your pocket allowing you to shoot both on location and in the studio.
  • SMART FUNCTIONAITIES: A simple long press of the TCM button can transform the flash value in I-TTL auto exposure mode into the manual output which will allow you to use TTL to initially set the flash value, then you can adjust it for the particular effect you're trying to achieve


Introducing the new accessory kit for the Godox AD200 compact flash. This kit is ideal for any photographer looking to get started with flash lighting or even the working professional, it comes with everything you need in studio lighting and flash photography. All of the accessories included will fit comfortably inside the Godox hard case so you can keep all of the equipment safely packed together.


  • 1x Godox Witstro AD200 Portable Flash
  • 1x Godox XPRO Canon Wireless Flash Trigger
  • 1x Godox Barn Door Set
  • 1x AD200 Extension Head
  • 1x AD200 Round Head
  • 1x Godox Hard case
  • 1x Wide Angle Bounce Reflector
  • 1x AD200 Standard Reflector
  • 1x Snoot Set
  • 1x Honeycomb & Colour Set
  • 1x White Hemisphere Diffuser
  • 1x Power Pack Holder Q clip
  • 1x Lencarta Hat
  • 1x Lencarta Cleaning Cloth
  • 1x AD200 Spare Battery
  • 1x spigot
  • 1x speedlite to S-fit adapter
  • 1x Speedlight Octa Softbox

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