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The Godox XPro-S Wireless TTL HSS Flash Trigger adds the latest technological advanvements into your photography arsenal. Designed to be fully compatible with the latest generation of Godox products that work on the 2.4 GHz RF Radio System such as the Witstro AD600Pro, AD200/Pro, AD400Pro, AD300Pro and AD1200Pro as well as Lencarta products such as the SuperFast Pro and the SmartFlash 4.

  • Transmission: 2.4Ghz
  • Range:100m / 328ft
  • HSS/TTL Enabled: Yes
  • Powered By: 2x AA Batteries
  • Brand: Sony

Godox XPro-S TTL/HSS Wireless 2.4GHz Trigger For Sony Cameras


The Godox XPro-S TTL/HSS Wireless 2.4GHz Trigger For Sony Cameras

An Overview

Making flash triggering even more user-intuitive with the extra large LCD screen and the new TCM function button which can use the E-TTL technology to read the scene and provide the technically correct flash output value, which can then be transformed into the manual output mode, allowing you to adjust the flash for the particular effect you may be going for

Compatible Camera Brand Sony Cameras
Controllable Groups 16
HSS Auto-Enabled Yes
Number of Channels 32
Range 100m / 328 ft
TTL Enabled Yes
Flash Exposure Compensation Yes +/- 3 stops in 1/3rd increments
Flash Exposure Lock Yes
TCM Function Transform TTL Value into Manual
Focus Assist Beam Yes
Second Curtain Sync Yes
Wireless ID Range 1-99
Modelling Flash ON/OFF
Power Supply 2x AA Batteries
Transmission System 2.4Ghz
Sync Port Yes

More Information
Camera TypeSony
Trigger Frequency2.4GHz
Trigger TypeGodox XPro
Camera BrandSony
  • 1x Godox XPro-S Wireless 2.4Ghz HSS/TTL Trigger for Sony Cameras
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