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The Godox X1T-F wireless radio trigger is packed to the brim with technology. Designed to unlock the potential of High Speed Sync (HSS) and Through The Lens (TTL) technology. As well as having these revolutionary technologies, the Godox X1T-F has also been packed full of smaller yet crucial features for flash heads. These help you tap into your creativity and assist with a smooth workflow for your studio. The pass-through hotshoe allows for seamless integration with third party brands, as well as the ability to quickly switch between on and off camera flash without configuring settings between each shoot.

  • Transmission: 2.4Ghz
  • Range: 100m / 328ft
  • HSS/TTL Enabled: Yes
  • Powered By: 2x AA Batteries
  • Brand: Fujifilm
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Godox X1T-F Wireless 2.4 GHz TTL/HSS Trigger | Fuji Cameras

The Godox X1T-F for Fuji Cameras


The X1T is a specially designed model from Godox, aimed at helping those needing something super compact and portable to support powerful flashes. Compatible with all of the latest Godox flashes, including the Godox X1R receiving systems, to offer seamless usage. With great flexibility of 32 channels and 16 groups, the XPro can control an army of flashes. This trigger supports TTL and HSS of up to 1/8000th of a second to capture those incredibly crisp images for fast moving action.

Godox X1T Trigger

Godox X1T Trigger
Godox X1T Trigger
Godox X1T Trigger

User Friendly Display

The Godox X1T features a back-lit, low power consumption display which prides itself on it's user friendliness. With a small amount of buttons, almost all functions are controlled via the scroll wheel to keep things simple and easy to use. Perfect as a first trigger.

5 Groups / 32 Channels

The X1T has an incredible boast of capability, being able to support up to 5 groups individually at once. This allows for extreme set ups all from the power of your camera including non-Godox branded flashes through the use of an X1R.

Multiple Flash Compatibility

The X1T is designed to work seamlessly with the latest Godox flashes on the X-Series of triggering systems. This includes the Godox Ving series, AD series, QT, QS and more, as well as the Lencarta SmartFlash, SuperFast and Atom series.

Godox X1T Trigger

Godox X1T Trigger
Godox X1T Trigger

Sync Options

The X1T comes with numerous sync ports, allowing you to connect your camera through wired cables should you need the hotshoe free. By connecting via these sync cables, you are able to remotely fire the camera from metres away.

Follow-Through Shoe

The Follow-Through Shoe of the X1T allows third party triggers to be applied and allows full control over two completely different set ups. Furthermore, this allows for quick action to be captured should you need to switch between on and off camera quickly.

HSS Compatible

The X1T supports HSS up to 1/8000th of a second across all of it's compatible camera models. This allows you to capture that very high speed, crisp action with the click of a button. Never miss those shots with this incredible trigger.


Compatible Camera Brand Fujifilm Cameras
Controllable Groups 16
HSS Auto-Enabled Yes
Number of Channels 32
Range 100m / 328 ft
TTL Enabled Yes
Flash Exposure Compensation Yes +/- 3 stops in 1/3rd increments
Flash Exposure Lock Yes
TCM Function Transform E-TTL Value into Manual
Focus Assist Beam Yes
Second Curtain Sync Yes
Wireless ID Range 1-99
Modelling Flash ON/OFF
Power Supply 2x AA Batteries
Transmission System 2.4Ghz
Sync Port Yes
Godox X1T Trigger

1x Godox X1T-F Wireless 2.4Ghz HSS/TTL Trigger for Fuji Cameras

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