Godox BannerThis Godox AD600 Pro battery is designed for the AD600 Pro Studio Flash. Identical to the original battery, this replacement will ensure you get the best power intended. With a lithium power supply battery pack, you will get 360 full-power flashes from this high-quality battery. This battery is supplied by Godox. 

AD600 Pro compatible

Li-on Battery

360 Full Power Flashes

In stock
£159.00 £132.50

Godox Witstro AD600 Pro Replacement / Spare Battery | WB26

Godox AD600 Pro Battery

This is a spare or replacement battery for the AD600 Pro. This battery is supplied by Godox, not a third-party supplier and so will work flawlessly with your AD600 Pro. 

Main Features 

  • POWER SUPPLY: Lithium Battery pack
  • GODOX AD600 PRO COMPATIBILITY: This spare battery is designed for the Godox AD600 Pro studio flash.

This is an official Godox replacement or spare battery for the AD600 Pro. It is identical to the battery supplied with the AD600 Pro.

1x Godox AD600 Pro Spare Battery 

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