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S2 Bracket

The Godox S2 Speedlite bracket is the Bowens S-Fit adapter for a range of Godox flash heads, including the AD100 Pro and V1. The S2 is the ideal solution for photographers needing to use light modifiers with your lights that are not of Bowens/S-fit fittings, particularly on-camera flash. The S2 bracket includes a 5/8" mount that can fit onto any light stand or boom arm; this means that your on-camera flash can be modified into an off-camera lighting solution. The bracket allows for an 8mm umbrella to slide into the provided socket to make your small flash heads and on-camera flashes compatible with a wide range of modifiers. The direction of the bracket can be adjusted both forward and backward with the stepless tilt function, giving you full control of the direction and angle of your light.

- Fitting: Bowens/S-fit

- Maximum Flash Radius: Approx. 11.5cm

- Minimum Flash Radius: Approx. 2.4cm

- Tiltable: Yes, 180 degrees verticle.

- Flashes and Modifiers are not included.

Godox S2 Portable Flash Holder Speedlite Adapter with Bowens S-Fit Mount


Godox S2 Portable Flash Holder

The Godox S2 Speedlite bracket has been updated from the original Bowens STR-1 speedlite bracket and is now adjustable to fit more speedlites and flashes, such as the Godox V1 round head and outdoor flashes such as the popular AD200, AD200 Pro and AD400 Pro. The bracket allows for an 8mm umbrella to slide into the provided socket, as well as for any standard stand or C-stand with its stand adapter. The direction of the bracket can be adjusted giving you full control of your light.

S2 Bracket

S2 Bracket
S2 Bracket
S2 Bracket

Bowens S-Fit

The S2 Bracket features a Bowens S-Fit head that makes it completely compatible with all S-Fit modifiers, including our own Lencarta Profold Range. This means that your speedlight or portable flash can be used with a range of modifiers off-camera, creating a more versatile lighting unit.

Stepless Tilting Mechanism

The S2 bracket allows for stepless tilting and angling that allows you to point your flash in any desired direction. This feature is perfect for use both with and without modifiers and helps to create your perfect lighting setup. 

Removable Rubberised Blocks

The S2 bracket can be used with a wide range of flash heads due to the removable rubber blocks. With these blocks removed, a huge range of flash heads can be easily fitted and secured, including two speedlites placed side by side! The blocks allow you to safely tighten your flash heads in place, adding that extra security when attaching heavy modifiers to your flash heads. 

Main Features


This upgraded speedlite bracket is compatible with the Godox V1 Portable flash and other similar round head flashes. A great addition to this adapter is the reinforced rubber pads on the clamps, reducing any chances of your light getting scratched or damaged.


This upgraded version of the speedlite bracket folds to a more compact size than the previous version meaning it will take up less space in your camera bag. You can also use the bracket handheld which is great if you have an assistant on your shoots.


The bracket comes with the popular Bowens/Lencarta S fit allowing you to use this bracket with all Bowens/Lencarta s-fit softboxes and modifiers.


Simply place your speedlite into the bracket and tighten it to instantly hold your lights securely in place. This larger design allows you to place two smaller speedlites vertically (Godox TT350 range), inside the bracket so you can use two lights at the same time giving you more power.


We offer a fantastic two-year warranty with the S2 bracket meaning that we will repair or replace (at our option) this item if it develops a fault of any kind during the warranty period.


Works Well With

AD100 Pro
AD200/ AD200 Pro
Godox Speedlights

AD100 Pro

The S2 bracket works flawlessly with the Godox AD100 Pro to help attach modifiers to this extremely portable and lightweight flash head. The S2 bracket helps to create a more versatile flash head capable of adapting to a wide variety of modifiers.

AD200/ AD200 Pro

The S2 bracket allows for any Bowens S-Fit modifier to be attached to both the AD200 and AD200 Pro! This means that both flashes can offer a wide variety of lighting options simply by changing the modifier attached. We recommend our Profodl range that pops up like an umbrella.

Godox Speedlights

The S2 bracket works with a range of Godox speedlights, including the Godox V1, V860II, and V850II. The S2 bracket allows you to use these speedlights in different ways, such as by allowing you to slot in two V850IIs in together, side by side.


Brand Godox
Colour Black
Fitting Bowens S-Type
Weight 410g
Stand Clamp Material Metal
Round Head Material Plastic
Interior RIng Dimensions Approx. 11.5cm.
Exterior Ring Dimensions Approx. 2.4ccm
More Information
Flash TypePortable Flash
Parts & SparesAdapters
  • 1x Godox S2 S-Fit Bowens Bracket for Speedlights.
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