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Offering both protection and enhanced versatility, the Godox PB-600 AD600 Pro carry bag is the perfect addition to any AD600 Pro user's photography kit! With the over-the-shoulder strap, the AD600 Pro can be carried and maneuvered to and from shoots safely and easily. When used with the AD600 Pro extension head, the PB-600 Pro can be carried whilst shooting and maneuvered to fit into tight angles and corners! With a waterproof outer design and a soft-padded inner, this bag will protect your AD600 Pro from dust, water, and accidental damage whilst stored and transported, as well as when in use! The addition of the plastic windows allows you to see and change the AD600 Pro settings, as well as allowing you to use the flash unit directly, without removing it from the bag! 

- Waterproof

- Dimensions: 11x5x10"

- Interior: Soft Padded

- Exterior: Nylon 

- Compatible with: AD600 Pro 

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Godox AD600 Pro Portable Carry Bag

Godox AD600 Pro Portable Carry Bag 

The Godox AD600 Pro Carry Bag is designed to be directly compatible with the AD600 Pro flash head. With an over-shoulder design and padded interior, this bag is perfect for transporting your AD600 Pro safely and easily both in between shoots or to and from the studio! When used together with the AD600 Pro extension head, this bag offers protection and versatility to your flash during shoots! This bag ( with the extension head attached) allows you to not only keep your flash protected whilst the extension head sits on a light stand, but also means you can carry the flash easily during shoots and maneuver the light however you like! 

AD600 Pro Carry Bag
AD600 Pro Carry Bag
AD600 Pro Carry Bag

Increased Portability

Carry your AD600 Pro around with you during your shoot! With an over-the-shoulder strap and an AD600 Pro extension head (not included), your AD600 Pro becomes a handheld flash able to squeeze into tight angles and corners that a light stand-mounted flash unit could never reach! This feature makes the PB-600 carry bag perfect for photographers on the move, travelling, or those who enjoy on-location shoots! 

Extra Protection

The AD600 Pro carry bag allows you to keep your AD600 Pro protected from the environment and accidents even whilst shooting! With the use of the extension head, you are able to hang the flash unit from a light stand, or simply place it beside it, whilst the extension head sits atop. The soft-padded interior adds a level of protection to the flash that you would not see if used alone! This feature means that even whilst shooting, your flash is protected against accidents and the elements. 


With the Nylon outer material and plastic windows, the PB-600 carry bag is waterproof!  With the addition of see-through windows and multiple openings, this bag allows you to use the AD600 Pro from the bag, protecting your equipment from the environment or any accidents involving water! This makes this a perfect addition to any photographer that works outside! The plastic windows allow you to adjust and manage your settings without taking the flash out of the bag itself! This means that, due to the waterproof nature of the bag, any shoots on rainy days or near water offer no danger to your equipment!


Dimensions 11x5x10"
Compatible with  AD600 Pro
Interior Style Soft-padded 
Waterproof Yes
Exterior Material Nylon

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