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The Witstro H2400P 2400Ws Flash Head for the Wistro 2400P Power Pack from Godox provides the ultimate solution in portable and studio lighting to date. Boasting an incredible 2400Ws from its singular head, ultra-fast recycling times of up to just .7 seconds, and a stable 5600K colour temperature across its entire 4.6Ws - 2400Ws power range - the H2400P provides a solution for all types of photography. Featuring a "Zoomable" flash tube to get the most out of your light shapers, a 60W COB LED modeling lamp, and a Bowens S-fit mount, the H2400P is packed with features. The H2400P can be combined with another to provide a versatile lighting setup from just one power pack, coming with a 12ft (3.6m) flexible cable as standard.

- Incredibly Powerful: 2400Ws Power
- Ultra Quick: 0.1-0.7s Recycling Times
- Action Stopping: 1/17800s Flash Duration
- Zoomable: Combine 2 H2400P Flash Heads
- Combined: Works seamlessly with another head
- Familiar Mounting: Bowens S-Fit Mount
- Strong Lighting: 60W COB LED Modeling Lamp
- Requires P2400 Power Pack (Not Included)



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Godox H2400P 2400Ws Flash Head | Witstro

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Godox H2400P Flash Head | 2400Ws

Taking studio flash equipment to the next level, the H2400P Flash Head from Godox is a full-featured flash with several professional and convenient features. Supporting a recycle time to full power of .7 sec, and flash durations from 1/17800s, the flashes power is variable from 1/512 to full power in 1/10th increments. All of these functions are available wirelessly via the built-in Godox X System receiver, compatible Godox triggers such as the X1T, X2T, XPro, as well as 433Mhz systems such as the Lencarta WaveSync.

Groundbreaking Speed

The H2400P offers lightning-fast flash durations up to 1/17800s and recycling times of only 0.01-0.7sec on its highest power.

Impressive Power

The flash supports up to 2400Ws in power which can be individually adjusted or shared between up to two individual H2400P flash heads along with their 60 COB LED modeling lamps

Precision Shooting

With 512/1 - 1/1 f stop power range, the H2400P is the most precise Godox product yet. Offering power anywhere from 4.8Ws to 2400Ws in 1/10th increments, you are completely in control

Multiple Triggering Frequencies

The H2400P supports the entire X-system of studio flash triggers such as the Godox X1T, X2T, or XPro, as well as the Lencarta WaveSync 2.4. Similarly, the H2400P is backward compatible and can support 433Mhz flash triggers.

Colour Stability Mode

The H2400P offers precise colour stability across its entire power range, offering one of the most reliable and consistent flash heads on the market from its P2400 power back


Model H2400P
Power: 2400Ws
Stops 1.0 - 10.0
Flash Duration 1/17800s
Recycling Time 0.1 - 0.7 sec
Colour Temperature 5600K
Flash Modes Manual, Multi
Delay Flash 0.01 - 30 sec
Mask Yes
Fan Yes
Beeper Yes
Slave Cell Optical Slave, S1, S2
Frequency Bands 2.4Ghz / 433Mhz
Wireless Channels 32 / 16
Power Supply AC Power Supply
Energy-Saving 30 / 60 / 120 Auto
Dimensions: 33.0 x 29.7 x 20.2cm
Weight 11kg


What's In The Box?

  • Godox H2400P Flash Head
  • Flash Tube
  • Glass Dome Protector
  • 12ft (3.6m) Flexible Power Cable
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