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Godox Dual SL-60W Kit with Gridded 35x160cm Strip Softboxes and Bag

Godox Dual SL-60W Kit with 35x160cm Gridded Strip Softbox, Hard Case Carry Bag and Extended Warranty 

The Godox SL-60W is a high-quality COB LED light capable of producing 60W worth of pure LED power! With an adjustable colour temperature between5600K±300K and an exceptionally high CRI and TLCI rating (95+ and 90+), the SL60-W produces accurate colour renditions and realistic tones in any lighting. These features help to save time and money by creating high-quality studio-level lighting! With a Bowens S-Fit mount, the SL-60W can be easily applied to all Bowens speeding softboxes and also allows for the application of barn doors and reflectors. This kit supplies 2x SL-60W continuous lighting units, as well as, along with 2x gridded 35x160cm softboxes, 2x 265cm Lencarta heavy duty light stands, an accompanying hard case carry bag and 2x 12-month Godox warranty extension cards that will keep your lights protected for up to 3 years!



Advanced Heat Dissipation

The SL-60W features a high-performance heat sink, allowing for the LED video light to retain its powerful lighting over an exceptional period of time before the fan is required to kick in to cool the unit at its maximum 60W of power. Even with the fan stepping in to cool the unit, the SL-60W features an ultra-quiet ventilation system that is designed so as not to interrupt your shoots or content! 

Built To Last

The SL-60W is designed to be as mechanical as possible in order to extend its life and usage time. With an advanced ventilation system, secure universal lock, and mechanical build, the SL-60W is built to last!

Completely Adjustable

Featuring a reinforced stand mount, the SL-60W can be placed upon rails, boom arms, and stands easily through its universal locking system. This allows the unit to be aimed exactly where you need it securely and safely, with  360° panning and 180° tilting.

Warranty Card
120cm Softbox

3 Years Warranty

Included in this kit are 2x 12 month Godox warranty extension cards that will keep your continuous lights covered for up to 3 years! We are also proud to be the only official Godox repair centre in the UK, meaning that we can guarantee that your lights will be repaired by Godo trained repair technicians!

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