Godox AD300 Pro Profold Lighting Kit with X2T Fuji

Godox AD300 Pro Profold Lighting Kit with X2T Fuji

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  • BRAND: Godox
  • MODEL: AD300 Pro
  • POWER: 300Ws
  • FLASH DURATION: 1/220 to 1/111 10 Seconds
  • POWER OUTPUT: 9 Steps 1/256-1/1 in 1/10th increments
  • STROBOSCOPIC FLASH: Provided (up to 90 times, 99Hz)
  • FLASH EXPOSURE COMPENSATION: FEB +3 stops in 1/3 stop increments
  • SYNC MODE: High speed sync (up to 1/8000 seconds), first-curtain sync, and second curtain sync
  • DELAY FLASH: 0.01-30 Seconds
  • MASK: Yes
  • BEEPER: Yes
  • MODELLING LAMP: 10W LED Bi-Colour, Colour Temperature 3000-6000K; Light Brightness 1 to 10 levels, stepless Colour Temperature
  • CHANNELS: 32 (1-32)
  • ID: 01-99
  • POWER SUPPLY: Lithium Battery Pack (14.4V/2600mAh)
  • FULL POWER FLASHES: Approximately 320
  • RECYCLE TIME: Approximately 0.01-1.5s
  • POWER INDICATION: Power standby automatically after 30 minutes of idle operation
  • SYNC TRIGGERING MODE: 3.5mm sync line, wireless control port
  • STABLE COLOUR TEMPERATURE: Change within ±100k over the entire power range in colour temperature mode
  • DIMENSIONS: 190 x 100 x 90mm
  • WEIGHT: 1.4Kg 

  • 1x Godox AD300 Pro Portable Pocket Flash
  • 1x AD-E2 Stand Mount and Umbrella Bracket
  • 1x Godox AD300 Pro Battery
  • 1x Godox AD300 Pro Reflector
  • 1x Godox AD300 Pro Flash Tube
  • 1x Godox AD300 Pro Protection Cap
  • 1x Godox S2 Round Head Adapter
  • 1x 265cm Light Stand
  • 1x 95cm Profold Softbox
  • 1x Godox X2T Transmitter

  • Godox AD300 Pro Profold Portable Lighting Kit with X2T Fuji Transmitter

    An Overview:

    Introducing the Godox AD300 Pro a 300Ws Portable Pocket Flash. With strong power, all-in-one large capacity battery and round flash head, the AD300 Pro offers studio-level soft yet even light effects. With a compact and lightweight body boasting a weight of just 1.4kg, the AD300 Pro allows you to travel small and light whilst shooting on location. Boasting 9 power stops from 1/256-1/1 in 1/10th increments and a 10 stop 10W LED Bi-Colour modelling light.

    The AD300Pro allows to be fully in control with precise, delicate power adjustments. The AD300 Pro fully supports TTL functions from the largest camera brands, as well as HSS up to 1/8000th of a second and numerous modifiers. Working alongside the Godox S2 Round Head Bracket, the AD300 Pro becomes fully compatible with the latest Lencarta Modifiers and accessories. The one head lighting kit has been designed for photographers shooting on location such as wedding, event and sports photographers.

    Main Features: 

    GODOX AD300 PRO PORTABLE POCKET FLASH: The AD300 Pro boasts all of the unique features of the Godox Wistro AD range, whilst offering a strong power output of 300Ws and maintaining its portable compact design. Unlike the AD200 / AD200 Pro, the AD300 Pro features a built-in fan, allowing you to shoot for longer whilst keeping that compact, pocket-sized shell.

    BUILT-IN GODOX 2.4G WIRELESS SYSTEM: Fully compatible with the latest Godox 2.4Ghz X-Series triggers, the AD300Pro’s built-in receiver continues the success of the user friendly X1T, X2T and XPro. Using these latest Godox X-Series of triggers, the AD300Pro allows full TTL and HSS remote power control up to 100m (~300ft) away. It can fully support Canon E-TTL, Nikon i-TTL, Sony TTL, Fuji TTL and Olympus TTL systems.

    GODOX ROUND HEAD V1 AD200 AD200 PRO V860II V850 AD300 PRO COMPATIBILITY: This upgraded speedlite bracket is compatible with the Godox V1 Portable flash and other similar round head flashes. A great addition to this adapter is the reinforced rubber pads on the clamps, reducing any chances of your light getting scratched or damaged.

    RELIABLE, RESISTANT AND VERSATILE 265cm LIGHT STAND - This light stand is made from the strongest aluminium alloy whilst maintaining its lightweight features. Able to support up to 5kg of weight at heights of up to 265cm this reliable light stand will protect your equipment from damage whilst making your workflow efficient. Finished in matt black rather than painted black, this stand will provide no reflection during your photo or video work.

    TWO YEAR GODOX WARRANTY / OFFICIAL UK REPAIR CENTRE: As Godox's only Official UK Repair Centre, the AD300 Pro comes with a fantastic two-year warranty meaning that we will repair or replace (at our option) this item if it develops a fault of any kind during the warranty period.

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