This kit provides 2 AD200 portable flash heads with the Godox CB-20 photography bag. Amongst the most popular Godox flashes, the Witstro AD200 is a 200Ws compact and portable Off-camera HSS/TTL flash with a modular interchangeable-Flash-head design. This small Portable Flash, which gives you access to powerful flash with a guide number of up to 60m at ISO100, whilst only being pocket sized. The AD200 has a rechargeable battery pack, which will give you approximately 500 full-powered shots per charge and two included heads; barebulb and fresnel. The new Godox CB 20 Carry Bag is a great edition to the varied Godox range! Offering protection to all equipment, this item makes transporting equipment safe and easy. The bag measures in at a size of 55x37x30 cm, making it perfect for airplane backage as well as in day to day use. With a multitude of straps and compartments, the CB20 is able to carry and store a range or products coming in varied shapes and sizes safely! The interchangeable nature of this bag makes swapping between backpack and roller case an easy task, as well as meaning that whatever the weight of your load, transporting heavy equipment as easy as all of your lightweight options. 

- Lightweight and Portable

- Complies with airplane hand baggage guidelines

- Waterproof rain cover for CB-20

- Power: 200Ws

- Recycle Time: 0.01-2.1s

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Godox AD200 Twin Head Kit with CB-20 Photography Bag

Godox AD200 Twin Head Kit with CB-20 Photography Bag


The Godox AD200 flash head is both removable and interchangeable, giving you a choice of either a bare bulb head (providing a wide spread of light, ideal in a light shaper such as a softbox as it imitates a studio flash head) or a Fresnel Head Spotlight Attachment which provides a more focused beam of light, just like on a traditional flashgun or Speedlite. It is both lightweight and portable, making it a great addition to on location shoots.


TTL CAPABILITYTTL: TTL can automatically calculate the appropriate exposure, improving the speed of work.It allows you to achieve a correct flash exposure even in complex light changing environments.

HSS CAPABILITY: The AD200's high-speed sync (HSS) mode enables your flash to sync at shutter-speeds higher than you camera's sync speed up to 1/8000 of a second.

GODOX 2.4GHZ WIRELESS TRIGGER SYSTEM: The Monolight operates on a 2.4ghz wireless transmission meaning that when paired with a 2.4ghz trigger your setup can be compatible with all brands.

INTERCHANGEABLE HEADS: The AD200 has both a bare bulb flash head, and a speedlite flash head, which allows you to use a lot of various accessories.

HYBRID AND ADAPTABLE: Capable of folding up to a roller case, as well as retracting down into a stylish backpack, the CB-17 is perfect for when you're back just can't take it anymore! If you're carrying exceptionally heavy equipment, the tough caster wheels can take a beating on various rough terrain, as well as being made from a smooth material to avoid getting stuck!

IDEAL FOR TRAVELLING PHOTOGRAPHERS: This Backpack/Roller case has been specifically designed to be small enough to abide by most airline online carry case specifications. At just 21.7" x 14.6" x 11.8" the case should be suitable for most airplane overhead storage lockers. Checking the individual airline's carry-on terms is however recommended.

STYLISH DESIGN: The sleek design of this product offers a stylish solution to equipment transportation. The grey colour of the exterior is smart and professional, making this a great edition to any photographer’s kit.


Brand Godox
Model AD200, CB20
Power Outage 200Ws
Bulb Type Fresnel and Bare Bulb 
Weight 420g (exluding battery) 
Full Power Flashes 500
Number of channels 32
Recycle Time 0.01-2.1s
Power Range 1/128-1/1 3rd Increments 
Modelling Lamp Yes, with fresnel bulb 
Power Supply Rechargeable Li-ion batteries 
Transmission System 2.4Ghz built in reciver 
Closure Type Zipper                          
Carry and Transport Options Telescoping Handle
Exterior Dimensions of Bag  55x37x30cm


  • 2x AD200
  • 2x Battery
  • 2x Charger
  • 2x Flash Tube
  • 2x Bare Bulb Head Attachment
  • 2x Fresnel Head Attachment
  • 2x Stand Mount
  • 2x UK/EU Power Cable
  • 1x CB-20 Photography Bag
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