The AC1200 is a quick, safe and easy solution to making your AD1200Pro Battery Free! This AC adapter accepts most Kettle Leads and is compatible with a variety of international sockets. This attachment decreases recycling time and increases the overall performance of your AD1200 Pro, as well as ensuring that your flash never runs out of charge! The AC1200 comes with a 2 year UK warranty to keep your products protected! 

- Compatible with most kettle leads

- Replaces AD1200 Pro battery 

- Multi-voltage compatible (100-240 VAC)

- 2-year warranty 

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AC Adapter for AD1200 Pro

The AD1200 Pro AC Adapter

The AC Adapter for the AD1200Pro Battery Powered Flash System from Godox connects the power pack base to power mains for AC operation. This is useful when shooting in studio or location situations where AC power is readily available, as an alternative to drawing power from the lithium-ion battery. The power adapter is multi-voltage compatible from 100-240 VAC, allowing the system to be used anywhere in the world.

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