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The AC adapter is designed specifically for the Godox AD400 Pro. This is great if you are wanting to use your AD400 Pros indoors or with mains power and reduces the risk of your light running out of battery mid-way shoot. Simply mount the AC adapter onto the back of your AD400 Pro to start using it instantly.

- Easy To Use

-  Weight: 700g 

- Compatible with AD400 Pro

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Godox AC Adapter for AD400 Pro Witstro

Godox AC Adapter for AD400 Pro Mains Powered Flash Head Adapter

AC Adapter for Godox AD400 Pro Witstro | Mains Powered Flash Adapter

The Godox AC Adapter for the AD400 Pro transforms your AD400 Pro into a mains-powered flash head, perfect for studio work or longer shoots on location! This feature means that your work is no longer tied down by battery life and charging times. Simply plug the AC adapter into the back of the flash unit and plug the cable into your closest power outlet for a flash that will just keep going! 

Main Features

AC Adapter
AC Adapter
AC Adapter

Easy To Use

Simply mount the AC adapter to the back of the AD400 Pro strobe light and start using it instantly.

Mains Powered Flash

This AC adapter designed for the Godox AD400 Pro will allow you to use the strobe light without the worry of your batteries running out. This is great for shoots requiring a large intake of images.


The AC power adapter weighs only 700g which is ideal if you are needing to use the AC adapter and AD400 Pro on location.

Model AC400
Brand Godox 
Compatible Products Godox AD400 Pro
Input AC100V-240V-50/60Hz 4.5
Nominal Output DC24.5V-2A
Maximum Output DC24.5V-19A
  • 1x AC Adapter for Godox AD400 Pro
  • 1x UK Power Adapter
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