The Vimble One is a great Feiyutech gimabl stabilizer designed for smartphones! This piece of kit is lightweight and portable, as well as able to fit into most bags, making it a great addition to any traveller, vlogger, or streamers bag. This gimbal boasts a quick and easy attachment function, meaning that your phone and gimbal can be connected quickly and safely to take photos and videos as soonas required. The Vimble One can take control of the smartphones camera nd video functions to help create fluid and professional content at any angle or positioning. 

- Lightweight and portable.

- Single handed control.

-Live stream application.

- Multiple shooting modes.

- Supports multiple built-in smartphone cameras. 

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FeiyuTech Vimble One Extendable Smartphone Handheld Gimbal for Vlogging, Streaming, YouTube, iOS, Android

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The FeiyuTech Vimble One Extendable Handheld Smartphone Gimbal

The Vimble One is the perfect solution for a budding vlogger, amateur videographer or streamer looking for a quick and easy stabilizer for their smartphone. With a quick and easy mounting and balancing system, you and your Smartphone are ready to go within seconds! The Vimble One offers all of the popular features that its predecessors including the built-in extension selfie stick, allowing for easy vlogging, selfies and reaching those high angles. The Vimble One supports your smartphones built in camera, whether for iOS, Android or most other Smartphone systems you may have! The gimbal can directly control the photography and recording functions of the smartphones built-in camera entirely from the control of the handle.

Vimble One

Perfect for people who:

  • Need a professional look to their vlogs
  • Use Smartphones as their filming devices
  • Need an extendable reach pole built in
  • Online content creators, e.g. YouTubers, streamers, vloggers etc. 

Not Perfect for people who:

  • Need an all-rounder gimbal for heavier cameras
  • Need a gimbal to take heavier devices

Vimble One

The Main Features

Lightweight and Portable: Similar to the Vlog Pocket, The Vimble One folds via it's eagle wing design when not in use allowing for more convenience when storing or travelling with the gimbal. The Vimble One also comes with a built in extension pole.

Supports multiple built-in Smartphone Cameras: The Vimble One supports built in smartphones cameras whether iOS, Android and more, allowing the gimbal to directly control the camera and recording functions of the smartphone, making to user experience easier than ever.

Horizontal to Verticle Easy Transition: You can quickly switch between horizontal and vertical shooting which is ideal for every day use allowing your photography and videography to be more creative.

Numerous Shooting Modes: With numerous functions such as Time Lapse, the Vimble One allows you to bring more creativity to your work. Using the Vimble One you can capture those amazing moments at the push of a button.

Single Handed Control: With its convenient buttons and user friendly functions, the Vimble One is easy to use with just one hand allowing for more freedom in your work.

Vlogging, Streaming, Youtube: The Vimble One is the perfect smartphone gimbal for vloggers, Twitch streamers and Youtube Vloggers and will help increase the quality of your work with smoother footage and easier handling. You can easily stand the Vimble One up on a desk with the small tripod included.

6 Hours Battery Life: With up to 6 hours battery life and a recharging time of only 90 minutes, you will never be left long without it! Capable of being charged directly from a power pack, you can shoot for even longer and even charge your Smartphone from the gimbal!

Live Stream Application: Via the FeiyuON app, the Vimble One allows full compatibility with the Live Stream Application. With the ability to stream directly to numerous social media channels, vlogging is as easy as ever.

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