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FeiyuTech QING Feiyu 2-axis Motion Control Gimbal Stabiliser for DSLR/DSLM Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fuji Cameras

FeiyuTech Qing 2-axis Motion Control Smart Gimbal Stabiliser

The FeiyuTech Qing is a specifically designed gimbal stabiliser for mirrorless and DSLR cameras. Built as an intelligent accomodating gimbal, the Qing is capable of supporting all the mainstream cameras on the market, allowing for time-lapse, panaromic, ultra wide and more videography and photographic shots. Capable of up to 3.5kg worth of weight, there's very little on the market that the Qing cannot accomodate. The Qing arrives with a beautifully crafted Bluetooth motion sense controller which allows for remote rotation, mode switching, shooting/recording and more. The large LCD touch screen provides an intuitive interface with convenient, large buttons for easy operating. The Qing supports connections to any Bluetooth microphone or headset, allowing you to create professional grade videos without the need of third party software.

Who is this perfect for?

Ideal for professional or amateur videographers/photographers that need a very specialised gimbal in the market for achieving the very best in time-lapse, panaromic, ultra-wide and more shooting modes..

Who is this not perfect for?

The Qing is not suitable for videographers/photographers who need a handheld gimbal stabiliser or a 3-axis gimbal stabiliser for their work.

Key Points

Perfect for people who:

  • Want to adopt a very professional, studio level shooting style
  • Ready to take the next step in their videography/photography career
  • Need a rail-ready, all-in-one 2 axis gimbal stabiliser

Not Perfect for people who:

  • Need a 3 axis gimbal stabiliser
  • Need a handheld, easy to manouver gimbal stabiliser

The Main Features

Aviation Aluminium Alloy

The Qing adopts a ARCA quick release plate allowing you to set up your camera easier than ever. Made from aluminium alloy, The Qing offers both comfortable handling and durability when in use, and with a weight of 1.3kg, it is the perfect gimbal for using on location.

Two-Axis Precision Rotation

Specifically designed for accurate shooting, the Qing is a specialised piece of equipment that leads the new era of time-lapse photography.

2200mAH Battery

The rechargeable battery included allows for up to 5.5 hours for consistent working and 8 hours in standby mode. This is ideal for when using for longer periods of time or out on location.

Bluetooth Remote Controller

The remote bluetooth touch screen controller included allows you to control the rotation, shooting, recording, parameter settings and more of the gimbal from up to 10m away!

Multiple Shooting Modes

From the touch-screen handle, the Qing allows for 3 shooting modes with more to come, starting with time-lapse, trial time-lapse and motion time lapse shooting modes, as well as panaromic and ultra wide photo compatibility.

Professional Qualities

For filmmakers and photographers ready to take the next step, the Qing reduces editing time with it's numerous built in features. Capable of creating a professional look to your work, the Qing is a silky smooth addition to your kit.

Easily Adaptable

Capable of numerous accessories such as third party rails, infra-red tracking modules, wireless microphones and follow focuses and more to come!

Bluetooth Microphone Capability

For any videographer or photographer with a high-end Bluetooth capable microphone or headset system, the Qing is easily found and compatible to achieve high quality remote sound recording.

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