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"When I was given this Lencarta wanted me to see how this little thing would hold up as an action camera. It’s small size initially led me to believe it probably wouldn’t hold up too well. But to my surprise this thing is more than capable of taking on some strong head winds. It’s size allows you to mount it pretty much anywhere you can think of via the quarter inch thread. I’ve held this thing out of a car window, suction cupped it to the hood of my car and ran around with my dog in the park to test it in all sorts of ways."

The Feiyutech Pocket is a compact and playful gimbal stabilizer that fits into your pocket! The size of this piece of kit means that you cna take it anywhere or fit it into any bag. Despite its size, the pocket is powerful peice of equipment that is capable of shooting high quality images and videos ! Boasting 6-axis capabality and a built in 8.51 megapixel camera, this gimbal will have you covered on any travels or trips out! 

- 6 Axis Hybrid Stabilization

- 120 Degrees Ultra Wide Angle 

- Up to 270 minutes shooting time

- Works with the Feiyutech App

- Smart Tracking Capabilities 

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Feiyutech Pocket 6-Axis Action Camera Gimbal Stabilizer

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Feiyutech Pocket 6-Axis Action Camera Gimbal Stabilizer

The Feiyutech Pocket has a small, lightweight, powerful design and build quality. Made from high-quality aluminum alloy, the strong, light material has a net weight of only 115g. The ultra-quality built-in 8.51 megapixel camera is perfect for both enthusiasts and professional videographers. The Pocket has a large LCD touch screen that allows for real-time previews of what is being captured, making the user experience better easier than ever. The 120-degree ultra-wide-angle allows you to capture panoramic shots, group photos, and landscapes. Targeting the need for smaller yet more up to date and higher quality cameras, the Pocket is unique in its compact size.

There’s no longer a need to purchase a separate, expensive action camera or the need to balance it. Simply turn on the Pocket and you are ready to go. The pocket supports up to 512GB of storage which is perfect for travelling and shooting on the go, allowing you to store large amounts of photos and videos at any time. This is perfect for vloggers, videographers, cinematographers, photographers, travelling, selfies, extreme sports and more. The pocket supports a large range of accessories such as selfies sticks and smartphone adapters.

Main Features:

OFFICIAL UK FEIYUTECH DISTRIBUTOR / TWO YEAR WARRANTY: Lencarta is the official UK distributor, service and repair centre of FeiyuTech. All of our products come with a fantastic two-year warranty meaning that we will repair or replace (at our option) this item if it develops a manufacturer fault of any kind during the warranty period.

8.51 MEGAPIXEL / SLOW MOTION CAPTURE: The built-in 8.51 megapixel camera allows for high-quality images and video with low noise. With the ability to shoot stunning slow-motion videos ranging from 60fps in 4k to 240fps, the entire video is relayed to the large LCD display allowing you to see the slow action in real-time, feeding back at 120Mbp/s.

6 AXIS HYBRID STABILIZATION: It has a new six-axis hybrid anti-shake algorithm with a miniature high-torsion brushless motor that can correct and compensate the camera in real-time with high accuracy, allowing for a better performing image stabilization than electronic stabilization and optical image stabilization.

120 DEGREES ULTRA WIDE ANGLE / LIGHT AND PORTABLE: The 120-degree ultra-wide-angle allows you to capture amazing settings such as panoramic, large groups, and sports. The pocket is a compact handheld device that fits snug in the palm of your hand. Thanks to its portable design, you will have no problems taking it around and using it throughout the day.

1.3 INCH LARGE TOUCH SCREEN OPERATION: You can adjust all settings within the gimbal such as switching modes and setting parameters using the 1.3” touch screen. The screen can be controlled with one finger making the overall user experience easier than ever.


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