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The AK2000SA is a smart, ergonomic way of capturing your film or movie project. Capable of carrying the heaviest and largest of DSLR or DSLM cameras and controlling them wirelessly through an easy to use, touch-screen gimbal handle. The AK2000SA is a multi-functional, user friendly gimbal stabilizer capable of capturing those special moments, no matter the occasion. Wanting to start your own videography studio with something small, light-weight, cost-effective and subtle? Then the Feiyutech AK2000S allows you to unlock all of those possibilities in one body. Featuring an extremely simple design with numerous accessory screw threads for screens, microphones and more; the AK2000SA is everything you need to become the videographer you imagined.

- Face Tracking Capabilities 

- Max Payload: 2.2kg 

- Usage Time: 14 Hours 

- Waterproof Guide: No 

- Weight: 1.1kg

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Feiyutech AK2000S Advanced 3-Axis Mirrorless & DSLR Gimbal

Feiyutech AK2000S Advanced 3 Axis DSLR Gimbal Stabiliser


Feiyutech AK2000S Advanced with Follow Focus 3-Axis Mirrorless and DSLR Gimbal Stabilizer

Introducing the AK2000s Advanced gimbal for mirrorless and DSLR cameras, by FeiyuTech. The AK2000s is made of ultra-light space-grade aluminium alloy, with a total weight of just 1.1kg, it is the perfect gimbal to use on location and is easy to carry. The new and improved grip has a rosewood handle finish allowing for extra comfort when using. The main difference between the AK2000s and the AK2000 is its 1.5-hour quick charging, 3 axis locking design, a detachable handle and also one touch to switch between portrait and landscape mode. This version also comes with a follow focus unit allowing you to fully track your subject at all times. Simply mount to your camera lens and you are ready to go.


Ergonomic Arm Design

The AK2000S much like the AK4500 features an ergonomic versatile arm design. This allows for the gimbal to be held over extremely long periods of time without putting undue pressure on joints. For the entire 14 hour active shooting time, you will barely notice the gimbal in your hands.

Motor Lock Balancing

With an entirely new Motor locking design, much more advanced from the AK2000 model; you no longer require what feels like 3 hands to balance your gimbal! Simply adjust the motor arm as you would, lock the gimbal and move on to the next! The gimbal requires one simple set up and you're good on the same camera!

Expanded Payload

The AK2000S improves the payload capacity of the G6Max, bringing the overall capacity to 2.2KG. This allows a much larger expanse of DSLR, DSLM and compact cameras to be held by the AK2000S that is ever growing in it's compability.


OLED Touch Screen

The AK2000S features a large OLED touch screen that allows you to swipe across various menus. Without the need of fiddly apps, you can control the entire functionality of the gimbal and camera directly from the handle. Without pressing buttons in which the audio can transfer to the camera, you need simply lightly tap the screen instead!

Rubberised Release Plate

With a rubberised release plate, your camera is securely fitted to the gimbal. The quick release plate allows you to take your camera from the gimbal in between shoots and safely store it. When you're ready to get shooting again, simply slot the plate back onto the gimbal and you're good to go without having to balance the gimbal again inbetween travels!

Super Fast Charging

The AK2000S features a revolutionary charging design. As with older gimbals taking up to 4 hours to charge and even more, the AK2000S takes simply 90 minutes. The AK2000S can be charged directly from a compatible power bank and no longer features lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that are easy to lose! Everything is built in!

Main Features:

AK2000S ADVANCED DSLR GIMBAL STABILIZER: The lightweight build of the FeiyuTech AK2000S does not compromise on the payload. It has been fitted with a next level gen Cortex M4 core; a 200MHz CPU and strong motor torque. Additionally, the gimbal offers maximum motor control frequency of 20,000 times per second.

SUPPORTS MIRRORLESS & DSLR CAMERA TYPES: Made of ultra-light space-grade aluminium alloy, The AK2000S is portable yet has a huge payload capacity (2.2kg) , compatible with various mirrorless and DSLR camera models and accessories.

LCD TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAY: Without using the FEIYU ON App, you can also operate the AK2000S by the unique LCD touch screen. The screen can also be locked to avoid accidental touches reducing the chances of any settings being pressed accidentally.

DETACHABLE HANDLE INCLUDED FOR MULTI USE ANGLES: The AK2000S comes with two handles allowing you to film from different angles and heights. Using the versatile handle holder, you can shoot easily at low angles which is great for film making and videography. The gimble also has a comfortable rosewood well-polished handle, providing more grip than ever.

OFFICIAL UK FEIYUTECH DISTRIBUTOR/TWO YEAR WARRANTY: Lencarta is an official distributor of FeiyuTech supported by an in-house repair centre. All of our products come with a fantastic two-year warranty meaning that we will repair or replace (at our option) this item if it develops a manufacturer fault of any kind during the warranty period.


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