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The AK2000C is the economical solution to gimbal videography from Feiyutech! Boasting 360 degrees pan rotation, customizable handle and 2.2Kg payload, this gimbal is a great addition to any videographer, photographer, vlogger or streamer's kit bag. The lightweight nature of this product makes it a great companion for travel and vlogging. The slender build of the gimbal means that it is easily slotted into bags and compartments, making it is easily transportable. The Gimbal has Bluetooth functionality and is supported by the iOS or Android Feiyutech app! 

- Payload: 2.2Kg

- Weight: 1078g

- Usage Time: 12 Hours Standby, 7 Hours Usage

- Recharge Time: Less than 90 Minutes

- Waterproof Grade: Splash Proof

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FeiyuTech AK2000C | Refurbished Grade B

FeiyuTech AK2000C Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR Mirrorless Cameras

The AK2000C 3-Axis Gimbal is a fantastic new product from one of the biggest names in Gimbal technology, Feiyutech! Offering quality, stable videos and photographs at a great price, this gimbal is a massive competitor to more expensive gimbals on the market. With touch screen function, locking operations, varying modes and customizable appearance, the AK2000C is a fantastic product for streamers, vloggers, YouTubers, Photographers and travellers.


Comprehensive Compatibility

The AK2000C is completely adaptable to your camera! With an adjustable locking mechanism, cameras of a range of shapes and sizes can be easily slotted into place using the release plate.

User-Friendly Display

Following in the success of the AK2000S and AK4500, this gimbal provides a high quality, backlit display to enhance your experience! With touch screen functionality, the AK200C allows you to easily and quickly select your mode, as well as flick through the full menu. This feature is supported by a handy joystick to increase usability!


The AK2000C allows you to customise the design of the gimbal to suit your personality! The wooden handle of this gimbal can be taken off and replaced with plain or patterned panels to personalise your gimbal to you.


Foldable Quick Release Plate

The folding quick release plate allows the AK2000C to quickly be unloaded and put away when needed without hassle! The foldable nature of this palte means that the gimbal is protected when being stored or transported.

Multiple Shooting Modes

The AK2000C offers a range of shooting modes to create a wide range of available effects! You can use modes such as time lapse, dolly zoom, inception, vlog-mode and more with a single click! This feature will enhance all content you aim to create. With the FeiyuON app, all features become available.

Feiyutech App

With full Bluetooth compatibility, the AK2000C can be used through your mobile phone with the FeiyuON app! This app offers a range of features, including enhanced control, social media access and video editing to help enhance your experience!



 The touchscreen controls make using the gimbal incredibly easy! The user experiences no operation difficulty with all functions, such as mode switching, being completed on screen!


 Weighing in at 1078g, this product is lightweight and easily transported, making it a great item for vlogging and travel! Despite its lightweight, this gimbal can hold an impressive 2.2kg, over double its own body weight!


 This product sizes in at 68.8 x 208.2 x 347.8mm meaning that it is a great size to fit into most day bags. The Gimbal itself, with its slender shape, easily fits into a range of compartments and pockets, making it a great travel companion!

High Build Quality

 With a strong and durable aluminium frame and supported camera locking function, this gimbal’s build both protects itself, as well as your attached camera!


 The handle of this gimbal can be customized with patterned panels of varying colours and styles, making it not only a great piece of kit but also completely tailored to you and your style! 

Alice Greenfield- AK2000C


Battery Type 2200mAh, 7.4v
Usage Time Up to 12 Hours, 7 Hours Active
Charging Time Less than 90 Minutes
Material Aviation Aluminium Alloy
Weight 1.078kg
Payload Capacity 2.2kg / 4.85lb
Water-Proof Grade Splash-Proof
Dimensions (Unfolded) 174.4mm x 203.6mm x 372.8mm
Dimensions (Folded) 68.8mm x 208.2mm x 374.8mm
Tilt Rotation 230°
Roll Rotation 306°
Pan Rotation 360°
OLED Screen Back-lit Touch-Screen
Bluetooth Yes
Firmware Downloads Yes, Via Bluetooth
Compatible Camera Models DSLR, DSLM - Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax and more...
Alice Greenfield- AK2000C

Affiliate's Choice: Alice Greenfield (A.K.A. Shot by Alice)

 "I  was pleasantly surprised with its build quality, feeling in the hand and easy setup. It even came with some charge to easily get to grips with the controls straight out the box. Very easy to balance the camera and looks professional. So far it feels like I could hold it all day without too much strain. It's small and compact enough to be taken anywhere which is very desirable. It's getting busy in the small mirrorless camera gimbal market and it's refreshing to use a non-DJI brand that is just as useful on set. I'm looking forward to creating some great shots with it in the future!"

  • 1x AK2000C 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer
  • 1x ARCA Quick Release Plate
  • 1x Lens Holder + Fixed Screw
  • 1x Fixed Short Screw + Wrench
  • 1x USB2.0-Type C, 1x Type C to Type C (C02), 1x Type C to TRS2.5 (T02), 1x Type C to Micro (A03)
  • 1x Shutter Cable for Panasonic DC2.5mm (Type-C to 2.5mm), 1x Shutter cable for Sony Type C to Multi
  • 1x Anti-Slip Metal Tripod V4
  • 1x Multi-Lingual User Manual, 1x 2 Year UK Safety Net

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