This dual purpose soft box is great for versatility between projects. With it's easy to use design, this product can be taken from a softbox to a light tent in minimal time. This is perfect for beginners as it includes everything you need to get started in studio photography. This soft box comes with a free carry bag for ease of transport, but will also keep it protected. The size of the softbox is 75 x 75 cm making it the perfect size for most home studios and great for transportation.

Dual Purpose

UK and EU compatible mains plug

Flexible and versatile

Simple to Assemble/Dissasemble

Three Year Warranty

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Dual-Purpose Continuous Lighting | Folding Softbox/Light Tent | Life Of Photo | 75 x 75cm

Life Of Photo Dual-Purpose Continuous Lighting 75 x 75cm Folding Softbox/Light Tent

Plug-And-Play Softbox And Self Illuminated Light Tent


  • Easy product photography thanks to it's simple transition into a light tent
  • Perfect for portraits, still life, product photography, event photography, baby photography and videography among many other uses thanks to its versatility
  • Can be used as a continuous light or with studio flash, or speedlights or flashguns
  • Includes a free carry bag for ease of transport and storage
  • 75 x 75cm in size, making it the perfect size for most home studios

An Overview

This dual use studio softbox is perfect for any photographer. You can easily control the light, directing it where you need and preventing lens flares. Use it with a standard bulb, or by using the zipped flap, use with studio flash, flashguns and speedlights or a higher wattage bulb.

Use it as a softbox to soften the light to get a professional look to your photography, without having to learn complex features, just simply plug-and-play or use this as a light tent for product photography without needing to buy anything extra, everything you need is included from the start.

This dual-use plug-and-play professional softbox/light tent is designed for any photographer but ideal for beginners as it has everything you need to get started in studio photography. With a simple lighting set up, this is ideal for both photographers and videographers in need of a quick simple solution

Please feel free to ring our customer support helpline on +44 1274 955440 for advice, we``re here to help.

All The Features

  • Simply and securely mounts on to any light stand
  • Includes an outer diffuser to create a softer light
  • Add a daylight balanced 5400K 85W lamp for just £15.99
  • Comes with UK or EU compatible mains plug
  • Switch to control the continuous light
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Assembly/Dissassembly Takes Seconds

What's In The Box?

    • 1 x 75 x 75cm Dual Use Continuous Light Softbox/Light Tent
    • 1 x Outer Diffuser
    • 1 x British or European Compatible Plug
    • 1 x Removeable Vinyl White Interior for Product Photography


  • 1 x 85W 5400K Daylight Balanced Light Bulb
  • 1 x 190cm Lighting Stand

The Three Year Warranty

We love to give our customers piece of mind. That's why we offer one year warranty on all of our Life of Photo Products

Here at Lencarta we have our own in-house repair facility, operated by our factory-trained electronic engineers. Because of this, our warranty is unlike most others, fully comprehensive with no strings attached. We will even continue to provide repairs outside of warranty, this even stands for discontinued stock

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