Monthly Photo Competition

We use our studio for our own product photography, for fashion photography and for shooting our product and Learning Centre videos, and of course we also use it for our free lighting workshops. Other than that, is is often unused and it's a shame to waste it!

The Lencarta StudioSo, because we are totally committed to photography and lighting, we are making our studio available to our customers, free of charge, during our normal working hours, Monday to Friday. The studio is available to creative photographers who can make good use of the size and facilities of this 4,000 sq ft studio, fully equipped with every type of flash lighting equipment..

There are very few studios available of similar size, and probably none that are as well-equipped, and of course professional studios aren't cheap to hire - so the offer of our studio, completely free, is likely to interest photographers who want to experiment and to create stunning images. And, because we have so much specialized equipment, we're even happy to provide help if it's needed.

All that we ask in return is your permission to video parts of your studio session, and to publish one or two of the photos you create.

To enter our monthly competition, please email your photo, which you created using Lencarta Lighting equipment, to us. Entries will be considered on the first working day of each month, by a panel of both experienced photographers and members of the public, and the winners for each month will then be notified.

Our studio forms part of our warehouse, and so it is unheated, and because of this, although our competitions will run every month of the year, it's best to avoid the coldest months for your actual session.

The only entry conditions are that the photos you submit must have been created by you, using Lencarta equipment, and the photos must also be "Safe for Work".

Monthly Prizes:

1st Prize: A full day in our studio, on a date of your choice, plus a 20% discount voucher
2nd Prize: A 10% discount voucher
3rd Prize: A 10% discount voucher

The small print...
Discount vouchers will remain valid for exactly 1 year.
Discount vouchers can be used for any purchase of any value.
Each discount voucher can only be used once.


Congratulations to the winners throughout the competition and our thanks to all those who didn't make the first 3 and who made it so difficult to judge!

The competition runs every month - please enter as soon as possible!

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