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The BY-WM3D is the professional, wireless, audio solution from Boya. As the smallest 2.4G, true wireless microphone, this microphone is essential for all bloggers, journalists, YouTubers, and content creators. The BY-WM3D is fully compatible with all IOS devices, including iPhones and iPad, making this a truly portable solution to capturing audio. This microphone works on the universal 2.4Ghz frequency range, meaning that it can be used free, without a license, in most countries! The BY-WM3D comes with a handy rechargeable carry case that is capable of charging the receiver and transmitter at the same time, making sure that you never run out of battery during shoots. This product is perfect for any online content creators, particularly those doing tutorials, journalists, or bloggers, thanks to its completely wireless nature. 

- Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional 

- Compatible With: IOS devices (iPhone, iPad etc) 

- Operation Range: 20m 

- Completely Wireless

- Rechargeable Carry Case 

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Boya BY-WM3D 2.4Ghz Wireless Microphone System

Wireless Microphone

BOYA BY-WM3D 2.4Ghz Wireless Microphone System

The BOYA BY-WM3D is an easy-to-use, digital true-wireless microphone system that is designed to capture clear and intelligible speech to many different devices such as your iPhone/iPad, or DSLR/mirrorless camera. It is ideal for YouTubers, Live Streamers, Instagram Creators, Twitch, Tiktok, Vloggers, Journalists, and many more. With a microphone built inside the clip-on transmitter and a compact receiver that plugs directly into your recording device, the system delivers a cable-free experience with no cables and bodypack required. The digital wireless system avoids interference from TV and radio waves by operating at a 2.4GHz frequency band, which occupies frequencies beyond those of radio, TV transmissions, and UHF wireless microphone systems.

Who is this perfect for?

 It is ideal for YouTubers, Live Streamers, Instagram Creators, Twitch, Tiktok, Vloggers, Journalists, and many more.  

The Main Features

Easy To Use
Versatile Charging Case

Easy To Use

The BY-WM3D is easy to use regardless of their level of experience. Once it is removed from the included charging case, plugged in and powered on, the microphone is ready to be used. The system delivers reliable transmission with a distance up to 65’ for up to hours on rechargeable batteries whilst being able to provide great quality sound.

Versatile Charging Case

The charging case recharges both receiver and transmitter at the same time, just place them in their cradles inside the charging case, and connect the case to a USB power with the included USB charging cable. The fast-charging case that features a 1000mAh rechargeable battery, recharges both the receiver and transmitter in just 2 hours.


Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, DSLRs, camcorders, recorders, etc. The BY-WM3D comes with everything necessary to record clear-sounding speech in any location. The miniature plug-in receiver comes with a set of three audio adapters, allowing you to connect it to virtually any recording device—no cables or clips required. It also comes with a furry windshield and foam windscreen to reduce wind noise when in use outdoors.


Transmission Type:  2.4GHz
 Polar Pattern:  Omnidirectional
 Frequency Response:  20Hz-20KHz (±3dB)
 Distortion:  <0.1%
 Sampling Rates:  48kHz
 Bit Depth:  16Bit
 Signal-to noise ratio:  75db or more
 Sensitivity:  -42dB±3dB 
 Operating Distance:  20m(without obstacle)
 Power Consumption:  TX: 80mW RX: 60mW
 Working Time:

 TX: 4.5 hours * two times

 RX: 8 hours * two times

 Charing Time:

 TX:2 hours
  RX:2 hours

 Charging Case:2 hours

 Charging Port(Charging Case):  Type-C
 Battery Capacity:


 Charging Case:1000mA

 Size:   Charging  Case:120*77*30.5m(4.7*3*1.2")

 TX+RX+Charging Case: 129g (4.5 oz)

 TX:10.5g (0. 37 oz) RX:9.5g (0. 33 oz)

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  • BOYA BY-WM3D Digital True-Wireless Microphone System for iOS Devices, Cameras, Smartphones (2.4 GHz)
  • Clip-on Miniature Transmitter
  • Compact Plug-In Receiver
  • Lightning Adapter for iOS Devices
  • 3.5mm TRS Adapter for Cameras
  • 3.5mm TRRS Adapter for Smartphones
  • Foam Windshield
  • Furry Windshield
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Charging Case

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