Lencarta RingFlash Adapter for Hotshoe Flashguns

Lencarta RingFlash Adapter for Hotshoe Flashguns

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RingFlash Adapter for Hotshoe Flashguns, MOD052

Measuring 45cm diameter, this adapter produces a true ringflash effect that's ideal for all types of ringflash photography.

The opening for the lens has a diameter of 13cm, which is large enough to accommodate any lens.The flashgun is mounted to the camera hotshoe in the usual way, and fits inside the flap at the top, and is secured in place by a hook and loop strap.Although shown here mounted on a tripod in order to take the main photo, it is normally used hand-held, the camera is held in place by stretchy cords, which grip the sides of the lens without any possibility of causing damage to it.

It can also be used with our Atom range, which because it is a barebulb flash, does an even better job of distributing the light evenly inside the ringflash.The ringflash is assembled in seconds, with magnetic catches. It can be folded flat, and then twisted just like a 5 in 1 reflector, and can then be stored and carried in its bag, which measures just 20cm.
The total weight, including the bag, is just 410 grams.

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