Lencarta Atom/Godox Witstro Boom Arm

Lencarta Atom/Godox Witstro Boom Arm

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Atom Boom Arm

Designed for use with the Atom 180 and Atom 360 flash heads,T, the Godox Wistro, the Calumet Genesis and the Cheetah versions.

The Boom Arm is made of a study, but light weight, aluminium alloy and has been fitted with a comfy foam grip. The Boom Arm has a standard 16mm spiggot with a 1/4" thread.

This boom arm is adjustable from 54.5cm - 160.5cm, and weights just 320 grams

Atom specs
Minimum Length 54.5cm
Maximum Length 160.5cm
Weight (kg) 0.39kg
Box Length 6cm
Box Height 57cm
Box Width 6cm

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