Lencarta Atom/Godox Wistro Power Pack Spare Battery

Lencarta Atom/Godox Wistro Power Pack Spare Battery

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Replacement/extra battery only for Atom Power Pack

This is an extra/replacement battery ONLY for the Atom PowerPack. It simply slips into place, to replace a discharged battery. This is an ideal accessory for wedding photographers who need to be sure that they won't run out of battery power.

Specification and features:

  • Voltage 11.6v
  • Capacity 450maH
  • Removable lithium ion battery

Designed for use with the Atom 180 & Atom 360 flash heads, the Godox Wistro, the Calumet Genesis and the Cheetah versions.

Atom specs
Weight (kg) 0.315kg
Box Length 12cm
Box Height 5cm
Box Width 7cm

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