Lencarta Atom/Godox Witstro Beauty Dish (inc. Honeycomb Grid)

Lencarta Atom/Godox Witstro Beauty Dish (inc. Honeycomb Grid)

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Atom Beauty Dish with Honeycomb Grid

This beauty dish, complete with a free honeycomb grid, is for use with the Atom 180 and Atom 360 models.

Beauty Dishes are the favourite light shaping tool of fashion, glamour and portrait photographers who have moved beyond soft lighting and who want to emphasise high cheekbones and good complexions.

Unlike the light from softboxes, the light is very controlled and directional and so is also ideal for backlighting and rim lighting, and for when vignettes are wanted. A free diffuser is included, this softens the light when needed and creates a light similar to that of a softbox.

Diameter: 30cm

A free honeycomb grid is included. This allows even greater control of both light spread and flare and can produce stunning, dramatic lighting with very hard shadow transfer edges.

Also included is a free diffuser; when used in conjunction with the honeycomb grid, this softens the light a little, and when used without the honeycomb grid is creates a soft light, roughly equivalent to that of a circular softbox of the same size.

Designed for use with the Atom 180 and Atom 360 flash heads, the Godox Wistro, the Calumet Genesis and the Cheetah versions.

Beauty Dish
Diameter 31cm
Depth 12cm
Honeycomb Available? Yes
Weight in box (kg) 0.68kg
Box Length 32cm
Box Height 32cm
Box Width 12cm

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