Atom 180 Portable Flash Head Only

Atom 180 Portable Flash Head Only

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Atom 180 Portable Flash head

This is the Atom 180 Flash head ONLY. Please see this page for the complete kit, with includes the Powerpack and standard accessories.

The Atom 180  is basically a high-quality hotshoe flashgun on steroids.

It has all the normal flashgun features of small size, light weight, battery power etc., and it has other important benefits too.

Guide No. of 60(m) or 196 (ft). This is a TRUE guide number, measured at 100 ISO with the standard reflector. (Guide numbers for hotshoe flashguns are exaggerated by taking measurements at their maximum zoom range)

It has a removable reflector, this allows any of the range of Atom Light shaping tools to be used with it, greatly increasing its creative capabilities, and also means that it can be used bare bulb. This is especially important when used with a softbox, as it allows the light to spread around the softbox walls, cover the entire area and produce very even illumination

Recycling at full power is 2.6 seconds at full power and becomes progressively faster as the power is reduced. At minimum power, it is ready for use in just 0.05 seconds (1/20th second), allowing it to be used in burst mode with even the fastest cameras.

Flash duration is astonishing too, at full power, the flash duration is a respectable 1/800th second, at minimum power, it is an incredible 1/10,000th second, both figures are t.1 times.

And colour temperature is amazing too, the Atom has a benchmark colour temperature of 5600K and only varies by 200K.

Specifications & unique features:

  • Number of flashes from separate battery unit (not included) 900 at full power, many thousands at low power settings
  • IGBT control system produces ultra-fast recycling as low as 1/20th second, and flash durations as short as 1/10000th second
  • Bare bulb facility allows perfectly even illumination when used with softboxes
  • Full range of creative light shaping tools available
  • User changeable flash tube
  • Full remote control, when used with our remote control/radio trigger set
  • Strobe facility allows multiple exposures with flash
  • HSSflash facility, when used with any suitable radio trigger, allowing any shutter speed to be used
  • Flash head tilts between -150 and 900
  • Flash head swivels 2700
  • Can be used in bursts of up to 75 continuous shots at full power
  • Can be used in bursts of up to 500 continuous shots at minimum power
  • Power adjustment over 7 stops (full power to 1/128th power)
  • Adjusts in 1/3rd stop increments
  • Slave cell
  • Focus assist beam
  • Tripod bush included, for use off of the camera.
  • Mini stand included, for use off of the camera
  • Power cable, for use with battery pack, is included
  • Standard reflector, complete with diffuser, is included
  • Fabric bag included
  • Dimensions, not including flash tube or reflector, 205 x 90 x 70mm
  • Weight, not including flash tube or reflector, 550g
Atom specs
Dimensions Not including flash tube or reflector, 205 x 90 x 70mm
Maximum power 180Ws
Minimum power 1.4Ws
Guide No. (ft) 196
Guide No. (M) 60
Power adjustment range 7 stops (1/1 - 1/128)
Switchable slave sensor Yes
Power adjustment display Digital
Burst mode Can be used in bursts of up to 75 continuous shots at full power. Can be used in bursts of up to 500 continuous shots at minimum power
Barebulb facility Yes, allowing it to be used with softboxes, beauty dishes etc without loss of light spread
Flash head swivel Yes. Flash head swivels 270 degrees
Flash head tilt Yes, Flash head tilts between -15 and +90 degrees
Focus assist beam Yes
Full remote control Yes, available
Overheat protection system Yes
Accessory mount Atom/Witstro as standard, can be converted to standard S-fit by adding our S-fit adapter
Can ignore Pre-Flash Yes
Length of warranty 3 Years
Box contents Atom 180 Flash head, Flash tube, Standard reflector, Soft bag for flash head, Connecting lead

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