Softboxes & Accessories 

We offer a wide range of softboxes in various shapes and sizes, to cover all your needs.

There is a choice of Chiaro softboxes, which can either be left assembled or which can be packed away when not required or Profold softboxes, which simply open and close in seconds. Profold softboxes cost a little more but are much easier and quicker to assemble/disassemble, and they also produce more even distribution of the light.

Many of our softboxes have honeycomb grids available. These reduce the spread of light and help to reduce lens flare.

All of our softboxes are available with S-fit speedrings, to fit Lencarta, Bowens and most popular lighting brands. Some are also available to fit either Elinchrom or Profoto flash heads, and we also have speedrings available separately to fit some other brands of flash heads.
Both Chiaro and Profold softboxes are fitted with twin diffusers (inner and outer diffusers), this helps to create very even light distribution, and either or both of the diffusers can be removed if required for different lighting effects.

Which softbox is the best choice for you?

We make a range of different sizes and shapes, each of which has both benefits and limitations.
If you require the light to be really soft then the softbox needs to be both as large as possible and as close as possible to the subject.

Our strip softboxes are typically used either as a rim light or as a key light, square to the subject (not tilted) and so space is rarely an issue with them, but other shapes of softbox are typically used high, emulating natural light, this means that the largest softboxes normally need a very high ceiling for them to achieve the height normally needed.

The shape is really just a matter of choice and personal preference. Octa softboxes produce an almost circular catchlight that many people like, square and rectangular softboxes produce square or rectangular catchlights, it``s as simple as that - almost. Both square and rectangular softboxes can also be used to create graduated lighting on a background, this cannot be done with octa softboxes, and rectangular softboxes can be rotated for use either vertically or horizontally.

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