Large White Beauty Dish with Honeycomb | 70cm [REFURBISHED | GRADE C]

Large White Beauty Dish with Honeycomb | 70cm [REFURBISHED | GRADE C]

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  • 1x 70cm White Beauty Dish
  • 1x Diffuser
  • 1x Honeycomb Grid
  • 1x Lencarta Bowens S-fit Speedring

PLEASE NOTE: This is a graded item and is NOT new.

>Lencarta 70cm White Metal Beauty Dish | Refurbished Grade C


The Lencarta 70cm Large beauty dish is the favourite light shaping tool of fashion, glamour and portrait photographers who have moved beyond soft lighting and who want to emphasise high cheekbones and good complexions. Beauty dishes are typically used at a distance of around 5’ (1.5m), because this is the optimum focussing point for well-designed beauty dishes. Unlike the light from soft boxes, the light is very controlled and directional which also makes it ideal for backlighting, rim lighting and for when vignettes are wanted. A free diffuser is included. This softens the light when needed and creates a light similar to that of a soft box. We have even included a honeycomb to help direct the light further, control light spill and prevent lens flares.

  • PARABOLIC LIGHT: This beauty dish has been designed to be parabolic in design, creating a much more directional light thanks to the parabolic principles. By using the parabolic deflector, the light is pushed forwards creating a semi-hard light which can then be diffused with the diffuser or directed with the honeycomb
  • CREATES CONTRASTED LIGHT - The beauty dish creates a unique lighting pattern on the subject offering a round catch light in the eye of the subject, often used in fashion and the beauty industries to highlight and emphasise skin tones and bone structure
  • DIFFUSER INCLUDED - Attaching the diffuser (included) is quick and hassle free. With the diffuser in place, the light emitted will be much softer, giving similar effects to a softbox. Simply stretch the elasticated band around the rim of the beauty dish to create softer light within seconds
  • BUILT IN DEFLECTOR: The beauty dish has a built in deflector which bounces the flash's direct output backwards, filling the shallow dish and casting an even beam of light forward whilst also preventing hotspots from forming
  • HONEYCOMB INCLUDED: This large beauty dish comes with a Honeycomb Grid which will allow you greater control of light spread and prevents lens flare as well as producing stunning, dramatic lighting with very hard shadows


  • Diameter: 70cm
  • Depth: 22cm
  • Internal Colour: White
  • External Colour: Black
  • Weight: 1.98kg
  • Box Length: 23cm
  • Box Height: 73cm

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Beauty Dish
Diameter 70cm
Depth 22cm
Colour White
Honeycomb Available? Yes
Weight in box (kg) 3.45KG
Box Length 26cm
Box Height 71cm
Box Width 71cm

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