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Roundhead Speedlight Kits

Combining power, speed and flexibility. The Godox Vings are the ultimate solution for many photography needs. Use both on and off camera with the built in wireless receiver or use as a master cell and control over flash units from the units themselves. The Godox Speedlites in our range are all high powered and quality products that offer a professional finish to your work. Compatible both on and off camera, as well as with a range of other products, such as colour gels and barn doors, softboxes and umbrellas

V1 Kits

The Godox V1 round head offers studio-level soft and even light effect from centre to edge. The V1 has a built in LED modelling lamp and is adjustable from 01 to 10 steps. The V1 continues the success of the Godox X system and has a built in 2.4 wireless receiver allowing you to use this directly with other Godox studio lights and triggers. The magnetic ring around the round head allows you to use modifiers directly with the V1 including the AK-R1 kit, making shooting easier than ever. The new locking hot shoe mount is also a great way to make sure that the V1 is securely mounted to the camera flash or bracket. With its powerful functions and strong build quality, the Godox V1 is the perfect choice for portrait, wedding, event, travel and still life photography.

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  1. 2x Godox V1 with XPro Trigger
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  2. 2x Godox V1 with X1T Trigger
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  3. 2x Godox V1 with X2T Trigger
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  4. Godox V1 Speedlite with X2T Trigger
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