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Triggers and Receivers

Selecting the right trigger for your needs can be quite confusing! We want our customers to make an educated choice on the trigger they choose, so we have supplied some information on our range, and the features of the products we sell.

Lencarta and Godox

Currently, all or the Lencarta triggers are compatible with the latest Godox Flash Units, as well as our own Lencarta Flash Units to help provide the perfect studio flash, due to the 2.4Gh triggering frequency. We supply triggers that fall into one of two categories, Basic, and Advanced, to fit all photography levels and budgets. Basic triggers, such as the Lencarta Wavesync Commander, is perfect for those that are simply looking to fire and remotly control their flash head. Advanced Triggers, such as the Godox X1T or XPRO, are designed to take full advantage of the latest flash head technology, such as HSS and/or TTL. All of our triggers are wireless for the photographer's ease.


Some older models of flash heads may not be manufactured with a built in reciver. If this is the case, you will need to purchase a WaveSync 2.4 Reciever per flash head. This reciever will capture the commands of all Triggers in our range.

Visico Triggers

The Visico range of Flash heads is incompatile with all Godox and Lencarta triggers, and vice versa, therefore if you have a Visico flash head, you will need a Visico trigger, such as the 818TX. Most Visico flash heads are compatible with the Godox range when used in slave mode, meaning that Godox and Visico can be compatible together if this was a range that you wanted to break into or explore!  

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  1. Godox XPro E-TTL/HSS Wireless 2.4GHz Trigger
    As low as £60.00 £50.00
  2. Godox X1T Wireless 2.4 GHz TTL/HSS Radio Trigger
    As low as £41.00 £34.17
  3. Godox X2T TTL/HSS Bluetooth Wireless 2.4Ghz Trigger
    As low as £56.00 £46.67
  4. Godox X1R Wireless Flash Receiver for DSLR Cameras
    As low as £39.00 £32.50
  5. Visico 818TX 2.4Ghz TTL/HSS Wireless Flash Trigger
    As low as £41.00 £34.17
  6. Visico 801TX 2.4Ghz Wireless Remote Control Transmitter
    £29.00 £24.17
  7. WaveSync 2.4 Remote Radio Trigger
    £27.00 £22.50
  8. Lencarta WaveSync 2.4 Mach-C | Canon HSS Wireless Trigger
    £39.00 £32.50
  9. Lencarta Wavesync 2.4G Triggering System
    £37.00 £30.83
    Out of stock
  10. USB Radio Receiver | WaveSync 2.4 | Lencarta
    £16.99 £14.16
    Out of stock
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