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Studio Softboxes

We offer a wide selection of Softboxes from both Lencarta and Godox, in order to meet every customers needs! We sell a variety of shapes and sizes in this product, as well as differernt prices and assembly functions. Chiaro softboxes are perfect for people who focus on studio photography. However, for those who do a lot of location shoots or whose work is focussed on movement, such as a wedding photographers, we recommend the Profold range for their amazing assembly technology, that allows you to get your softbox up and running in a matter of seconds! Both the Lencarta range, as well as the Godox softboxes will provide any photographer with a reliable and high quality lighting kit that suits all genres of photography!

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  1. Godox AD-S85S Silver 85cm Folding Softbox | Godox Fit
    £64.99 £54.16
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