LED Product Lighting Cube | Life of Photo | 70x70cm

LED Product Lighting Cube | Life of Photo | 70x70cm

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LED 070 Features 

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The benefits of our large Product Photography Solution

It``s incredibly simple to use, folds up for easy storage and has virtually no running cost and, most importantly, it produces clean, consistent results every time. Please click on the button below for more info.

LED 070 Take Great Pictures 

What Sort Of Images Can I Take?

As you can see from our example photos, it can photograph just about any product, shiny or not, as long as it fits comfortably inside the light cube.

LED 070 Examples 

Want To See Some Example Images Of What This Solution Can Do?

Need some inspiration, or just looking to see if this product meets your needs? Here are some example images and it``s simply a case of 1: Take the picture, 2: Edit the picture, 3: Post the picture online - Practically foolproof!

LED 070 Suitable For Me 

When it comes to e-commerce, better photos always produce better sales so, you need to make your products pop out and grab buyer``s attention, regardless of what you sell.

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70cm Large Product Photography Solution

The solution to the challenge of photographing larger products up to 60cm wide

LED Cube Image 1

LED Cube Image 2

The Problem:

Until now, manufacturers and sellers have been struggling to produce the photos they need, simply because of the need for heavy investment in camera and lighting equipment, computer software and the skilled people to carry out this complex, intricate and time consuming work.

The Solution:

This problem is now history because we have combined the skills of top product photographers along with a team of image editing experts and you can now have an inexpensive yet highly effective and totally de-skilled product photography solution that will produce much better photos for virtually no measurable cost! This is because now, both the photography and computer work can be carried out easily and quickly by anyone. This saves you both time and money and allows you to get your new products on sale immediately!

What Else Do You Need?

The only other things you need to have is a camera, a table and a plug socket

When it comes to cameras, if you already have a DSLR then by all means use it, but either a Smartphone or an iPhone will do the job perfectly, and frankly we can't always see the difference between phone photos and professional DSLR photos - what makes the real difference is our lighting cube.

LED Cube Image 3 LED Cube Image 4

Why Is This The Perfect Solution For You?

  • Perfect for all online e-commerce sellers, the pictures you get are perfect for eBay, Amazon or your own website
  • You can use any camera, whether that's a DSLR or the camera on your phone
  • This 70cm LED Product Lighting Cube can produce high quality, consistent photos of products up to 60cm wide for all of your selling channels.
  • No need for skilled people, or hours spent in the editing room, just point, click, post
  • No extra lights are needed, our LED Light Cube includes an array of 120 high quality LED lamps, consuming just 50W of energy, but outputting the equivalent of 500W of normal light bulbs
  • A High CRI rating means you``ll get accurate colours
  • Long life LEDs will last for years
  • Includes free diffusing cloth, to control reflections on shiny products
  • Also includes 4 free interchangeable PVC backgrounds
  • The perfect product photography solution

What's In The Box?

  • 1x 70cm LED Light Cube
  • 1x UK Mains Plug (inc on/off switch)
  • 1x LED Driver
  • 1x Diffusing Cloth
  • 4x Coloured PVC Backgrounds
LED Cube Image 5

Own A Cake Shop or Bakery?

Want to showcase your amazing creations but always missing that something? Make the colours pop and the cake stand out with our light cube, just simply place it in the middle and shoot away, perfect lighting all the time, every time!

LED Cube Image 6

Run An Antique or Bric And Brac Store?

It doesn't matter what you sell, everything looks good in the right light, and our light cubes deliver. No need to spend ages cutting things out, our free software will make your products pop with just a few clicks!

LED Cube Image 7

Just Opened A Florists?

Flowers are and always will be a vibrant and colourful subject, why else is one of the worlds most famous paintings of sunflowers? But without the proper equipment your amazing arrangements can look 2D and flat, use our cube and add that 'wow' factor.

LED Cube Image 8

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