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Godox Continuous Lights

Godox Continuous Lights. Video Lighting. Studio Lighting Equipment from Godox.

Godox Continuous Lights | Photography and Videography | Studio Lighting Equipment 

As an official UK Godox distributor, we stock a wide range of Godox continuous lights, including the popular VL150. This range of lights is perfect for both photography and videography. We offer lighting options of a range of power outputs and prices depending on your needs; we stock the more entry-level lights that won't have the largest power output, as well as more powerful and higher-end lighting options. 

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  1. Godox SL-60W COB LED Continuous Light
    Special Price £111.60 £93.00 Was £124.00
    Out of stock
  2. Godox SL150IIW Continuous Light
    £328.00 £273.33
  3. Godox SL100D 100W DayLight Balanced LED Video Light
    Special Price £143.10 £119.25 Was £159.00
  4. Godox VL150 LED Video Light
    £372.00 £310.00
  5. Godox VL200 LED Video Light
    £511.99 £426.66
  6. Godox VL300 LED Video Light
    £697.99 £581.66
  7. Godox ML60 LED Video Light
    £249.00 £207.50
  8. Godox UL-150 Video Light
    £424.00 £353.33
  9. Dual VL150 Kit with Gridded 120cm Octa Softbox and Bag
    Special Price £899.10 £749.25 Was £999.00
  10. Godox Twin VL300 Kit with Gridded 120cm Octa Softboxes and Bag
    Special Price £1,439.10 £1,199.25 Was £1,599.00
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