Feiyutech Vlog Pocket Gimbal - Sakura Pink

Feiyutech Vlog Pocket Gimbal - Sakura Pink

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  • MAX TILTING RANGE: 165 Degrees
  • MAX ROLLING RANGE: 240 Degrees
  • MAX PANNING RANGE: 330 Degrees
  • STANDBY TIME: 14 Hours
  • WEIGHT: 240g
  • PHONE COMPATIBILITY: 42-88mm in Width
  • COLOUR: Black
  • CHARGING TIME: 2 Hours
  • WARRANTY: Two Year Warranty Supported by Lencarta

Whats In The Box?

  • 1x VLOG Smartphone Gimbal Sakura Pink
  • 1x Micro USB Cable
  • 1x Small Tripod
  • 1x Carry Pouch
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Lencarta Cleaning Cloth
  • 1x Lencarta Contact us Card
  • 1x Lencarta Wrist Band
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The Feiyutech Vlog Pocket Gimbal

The Feiyutech Vlog pocket smartphone stabiliser is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an easy to use gimbal. Most gimbals on the market rely heavily on calibration and balancing before you can start recording. With the Vlog, once you have placed your smartphone into the holder you are ready to use the gimbal, it’s as easy as that. One of the greatest features of the Vlog gimbal is its size. You fold the gimbal up when not in use and it will fit into your pocket or a small handbag. This is great if you are wanting something small for travelling with and using on location.

The gimbal can be used in either portrait mode or landscape. To move between each one all you have to do is press twice on the mode button. When the gimbal is connected to the Feiyu ON App, you can control the cameras settings such as motion tracking, pan follow, photography, and videography.

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Who is this perfect for?

The Vlog Pocket has been designed specifically for smartphone vloggers. With it's lightweight and foldable design, this gimbal is perfect for anyone who produces videos on the go. Whether you're an amateur travel videographer, or a social media vlogger, this gimbal is the choice for you.

Who is this not perfect for?

If you use Action Cameras, DSLRs, Compact Cameras, or Mirrorsless Cameras, this gimbal isn't the one for you. This gimbal will only work with smartphones.

Key Points

Perfect for people who:

  • Amateur Travel Videographers
  • Social Media Vloggers
  • Anyone who uses a smartphone for videos

Not Perfect for people who:

  • Action Camera Users
  • DSLR/Compact/Mirrorless Camera Users

The Main Features

Feiyutech VLOG Tracking

Tracking System

The Vlog pocket has a fast and powerful tracking system allowing you to track the face of your subject when moving using the Feiyu On App.

Feiyutech VLOG Dolly Zoom

Hitchcock Dolly Zoom

The famous 'Hitchcock' dolly zoom can be created using your VLOG pocket allowing your videos to be creative and unique.

Feiyutech VLOG Time Lapse

Time Lapse Photography

The VLOG pocket supports various kinds of time-lapse shooting. The static time lapse can capture the movement of the subject, whilst the trajectory time-lapse can record the light and shadows. This is ideal for creating images with dramatic effects.

Feiyutech VLOG Battery Life

Long Lasting Battery

A great feature to the VLOG is the extended battery life. You can use the gimbal up to 8 hours which is perfect for planning longer shoots on location. The overall weight of the gimbal is only 240g and is the lightest foldable smartphone in the gimbal market. The Vlog Pocket can work, when stationary, for up to 14 hours!

Feiyutech VLOG Pocket Size

Pocket Sized Gimbal

One of the unique features about the Vlog gimbal is that you can fit it in your pocket once folded away. This is perfect for travel and transporting and makes the overall user experience one of the best in the gimbal market.

Feiyutech VLOG Lightweight

Lighter Body, Larger Payload

The Vlog is the lightest smartphone gimbal on the market weighing only 272g. Its high tech motor allows the gimbal to add smartphones with a load capacity up to 240g.

Feiyutech VLOG Easy Carry

Easy to Carry, Easy to Vlog

The Vlog Gimbal can easily fold up making it small and portable ideal for using on location or travelling.

Feiyutech VLOG Compatible Camera

Supports Built-in Camera

Unlike other gimbals which are unfriendly to the Android users, Vlog pocket is a pioneer in supporting smartphones built in cameras.

Feiyutech VLOG Accessories

Biggest Advantage

Innovative folding design for easy folding and pocketing, ready to shoot. No need to balance, clamp the middle of the phone to start using

Both sound and picture, anti-splash, stealing dream space and full follow, with focus zoom magic ring, long standby

The enhanced finish with its revolutionary motor arm for action cameras and smartphones ensures better anti-shake performance. The G6 is built from solid aluminium alloy which is lightweight and durable and the rubberized handle grip is comfortable.

Quickly Change Shooting Direction from Horizontal to Vertical, perfect selfies and in Live show (Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat).Dynamic Time-Lapse photography, Panorama Shooting, Built-in Zoom slider, New trigger button, Intelligent App.

The Feiyutech G6 Plus LCD screen allows you to clearly see the working modes of the gimbal. The innovative screen will also show different specifications such as working modes, Bluetooth connection, Battery Life, etc.


Running Time

8 Hours

8 Hours

12 Hours

5 Hours

9 Hours

Max Payload






Gimbal Weight






Standard Accessories

App Settings

Supports Firmware Upgrades


Vlog Pocket is compatible with all iPhone series, HUAWEI P30 pro、MI 9、VIVO NEX , OPPO find X,Samsung Note9 and so forth , which support 7inch or less size Android phone and iPhone.

iPhone 7 Plus/7/6s Plus/6s/6 Plus/6/SE/5c/5s/5 or other smartphones with the similar dimensions

GoPro HERO6 / HERO5 / Yi cam 4K / AEE and other action cameras that have similar dimensions. It also could be compatible with Sony RX0 with the customized adapter. The maximum payload should be no more than 130 gram

iPhone series / HUAWEI P9 / HUAWEI P9 Plus / Mi 5 / MEIZU MX6 / SAMSUNG NOTE 5 / S7 or other smartphones with the similar dimensions

Sony RX100 / Sony a6300 (16-50mm or 28-70mm lens) / Sony a6500 (16-50 mm or 28-70mm lens) / Canon M10 (15-45mm lens) / Canon G3X ect. It also could be compatible with Sony RX0 and GoPro Hero series of action cameras. Fit for smartphone width 54-87mm

Repair Banner

Lencarta In House Repair Centre

At Lencarta, we know how important it is to provide the best after care and customer service. That is why we are proud to boast our very own in-house UK repair centre that is available to anyone needing a repair. FeiyuTech products bought from us come with a 2 year warranty included! Find out more here.

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