Godox Ving V860II with XPro Trigger for Sony

Godox Ving V860II with XPro Trigger for Sony

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  • 1x Godox Ving V860II-S
  • 1x VB18 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x Foot Stand
  • 1x Protective Hotshoe Cover
  • 1x Protective Nylon Material Case
  • 1x Godox XPro-S Trigger

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Godox V860II-S and XPro-S Trigger For Sony


Combining power, speed and flexibility. The Godox Ving V860II-S is the ultimate solution for many photography needs. Use both on and off camera with the built-in wireless receiver or use as a master cell and control over flash units from the V860II itself.

Ensure fast recharging and long-lasting photo shoots with the powerful VB18 lithium-ion battery pack. Get a full charge in just 2.5 hours from the AC charging unit promising 650 fully powered flashes with 1.5 seconds recycling speed in-between. No more lugging around power packs and wires, finding somewhere to put them whilst shooting and just generally getting in the way. Just simply plug in and shoot.


  • USER FRIENDLY: The user friendly operating system shown on the large clear LCD screen, combined with a large thumb dial allows for a great deal of user friendly use
  • UNLOCK ALL FEATURES: Combining TTL Auto Exposure, High Speed Sync, Rear Curtain Sync, Multi-Flash Stroboscopic, Auto Zoom and more
  • XPRO TRIGGER FULLY SUPPORTIVE OF ALL FLASH FUNCTIONS: The Godox XPro wireless flash trigger can fully support E-TTL auto exposures as well as High Speed Sync (HSS) u to 1/8000th of a second. The XPro is also fully supportive of Multi-Flash, Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC), TCM Transform Function, Flash Zoom, Modelling Lamp Control, Group Flash Zooming, Flash Power Output control and Auto-Focus Assist.
  • FULL 8 STOP POWER ADJUSTMENT RANGE: From 1/1 to 1/128th power, fully adjustable in 1/3 stop increments allows for flash durations between 1/300th of a second to 1/20,000th of a second. Flash between 2 to 90 flashes up to a maximum of 100 flashes per second in the multi/stroboscopic mode
  • COMPLETE TRIGGERING OPTIONS: As well as using the built in Godox 2.4GHz RF Radio Triggering System, the Ving V860II can act as a trigger to other Godox Speedlight flashguns or as a slave to them. Combining 32 channels and 5 groups for full flexibility in your shoot.


  • Guide Number: 190 Feet / 60 Metres
  • Flash Zoom: 20 - 200mm
  • Vertical Rotation Angle: -7 to 90 Degrees
  • Horizontal Rotation Angle: 360 Degrees
  • Flash Duration: 1/300th to 1/20,000th second
  • Colour Temperature: 5600K /- 200K
  • Full Wireless Functionality: Built-In 2.4GHz Receiver, Master Function, Off
  • Sync Modes: High-Speed Sync, First Curtain Sync, Second Curtain Sync


  • Power Supply: 2* AA Batteries
  • Manual Flash: Yes
  • E-TTL Autoflash Exposure: Yes
  • Multi Flash: Yes
  • High-Speed Sync: Yes
  • Second Curtain Sync: Yes
  • Display: Large LCD Panel, backlighting ON or OFF
  • Dimensions: 90x58x50mm
  • Weight: 80g
  • Model: XPro
  • Power Supply: 2* AA Batteries
  • Flash Exposure Control: E-TTL II
  • Focus Assist: Yes

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