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Continuous lighting is essential for videography and photography lighting, offering the advantage of allowing one to shoot as fast as your camera will allow! Continuous lighting works well together with flash lighting in order to help you create the perfect set for your shoot. We offer continuous lighting solutions from a range of  well established brands, such as Godox, Lencarta, Hakutatz and Life of Photo, all of which provide high quality, and yet affordable, products for a variety of needs. Whether your focus is on videography, product photography, portrait photography, Youtube, Twitch, or on location shoots, we have a vast range of equipment that has you covered! From LED panels and  light rings, to light boxes, we have a great selection of continuous lighting solutions that fit any photography demand.

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  1. Godox VL150 LED Video Light
    £372.00 £310.00
  2. Godox ML60 LED Video Light
    £249.00 £207.50
  3. Hakutatz Working From Home Continuous Lighting Kit
    £201.00 £167.50
    Out of stock
  4. Working from Home Lighting and Chromakey Screen Kit
    £91.99 £76.66
  5. Working from Home Ring Light and Green Screen Kit
    £85.00 £70.83
    Out of stock
  6. Green Screen and Ring Light Working From Home Kit
    £101.00 £84.17
  7. Hakutatz 55W 3 Light Continuous Lighting Kit with Background
    £106.99 £89.16
    Out of stock
  8. Home Working Continuous Lighting Softbox Kit
    £64.99 £54.16
  9. Godox ML60 LED Video Light with 2x NP-F750 Batteries
    £274.00 £228.33
  10. Continuous Lighting Kit with 2 Softboxes | Life Of Photo | 2800W/5400K
    £147.00 £122.50
    Out of stock
  11. Life Of Photo 1200W 5400K Continuous Lighting Kit with 2 Softboxes
    £86.95 £72.46
  12. Life Of Photo 700W 5400K Continuous Lighting Kit with 2 Softboxes
    £67.96 £56.63
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