My Affiliate

Welcome to the Lencarta Affiliate Network!

What you're viewing right now is your Affiliate Dashboard. From here you can view your account credit, make withdrawals, view your marketing impact through monitoring orders placed and more! The program is entirely transparent - any and all orders placed through the website will automatically be shown for you instantly. The program is the ideal way to receive commission and a constant revenue stream without any products, investment or personal website space. The only thing we ask is that you regularly promote Lencarta as a brand and work with us as we grow!

How does it work?

After you have signed up to the program and have been approved, we recommend you Bookmark this page so that you can easily reference it daily when you need to. Log in to your account from the left hand side navigation bar by clicking "Sign up" to view your personal dashboard. From here you can find your unique tracking code to place at the end of any links (example:, your overall account credit, orders placed via your commitments and withdrawal history. Commision will be given to you when a customer purchases something through one of your tracking codes or by using one of your unique discount codes.

What lies in the future?

All affiliates begin on a basic package similar to the example below. You will receive varying amounts of commission depending on the agreement made upon registering your account. This is reviewed anually, so the more you push, the higher your commission goes! This is completely uncapped and we are happy to go on this journey as long as we need to!

Our Campaigns

Pay per sale: You will receive (X) commission on the order total of the first purchase made via the affiliate referral link. In the next purchases, you will receive (Y) commission on the order total.

Discount policy: A customer who makes the first purchase via the affiliate referral link receives (Z) discount on the order total. In the next purchases, the customer will not receive any discount. However, the affiliate account continues receiving commissions from the next orders made by this customer.

Example Campaign

This is a sample Campaign.

Pay Per Sale Tier 15% of Order Total for first order.5% of Order Total for next orders.
Discount policyNone
Valid DateAlways

6% Commission Received

Pay Per Sale Tier 16% of Order Total for first order.6% of Order Total for next orders.
Discount policyNone
Valid Datefrom 26 Nov 2020