The Godox H400P is a lightweight and compact extension head suitable for the AD400 Pro Studio Flash. Portability is one of its many selling points - with the extension head, it makes it easier than ever to be able to manouver a strobe light around. The stability of this extension head is great for reducing pay load on shoots, as well as supporting the AD400 weight. The H400P provides a 30W modelling lamp to ensure control over lighting and placement, with a 2.5m long cable allowing further flexibility for multiple heights and positions.

220 degree tilt remote head

30w modelling lamp

Adds 2.5m of lightweight extension

Enables hard to reach positioning

2 year warranty

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AD400 Pro Extension Head - H400P

Godox H400P Extension Head for AD400 Pro Studio Flash

GODOX AD400 PRO COMPABILILITY: The H400P extension head is fully compatible with the godox ad400 pro studio strobe flash. Simply plug your AC adapter into the AD400 Pro and you are ready to go.

30W MODELLING LAMP:The 30W modelling lamp allows you to have great control over your lighting and see more accurately where you need to place the light. 2.5m

2.5M EXTENSION CABLE:The cable has a great length of 2.5m giving you more freedom to use from different heights and positions.

EASY TO USE: One of the main benefits to the extension head is it allows you to use your strobe light much easier when holding by hand. If you are using light stands with a lower pay load maximum, this will also help your stands support the AD400 pro as it reduces the weight on your stand.

GODOX TWO YEAR WARRANTY/REPAIR CENTRE:This product comes with a fantastic two-year warranty meaning that we will repair or replace (at our option) this item if it develops a fault of any kind during the warranty period. Based in the UK, our official factory trained technicians are here to get you back on track, quickly.

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