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The Godox AD-B2 Adapter allows you to adapt either 1 or 2 AD200 flash units to a bowens fit speedring, allowing these flash units to be used alongside softboxes and beauty dishes, both in and out of the studio. By allowing you to use 2 AD200 flash units together, the AD-B2 adapter is able to create a 400W flash head. The AD-B2 also comes with an umbrella slot to allow an umbrella to be attached, making this a very versatile product.

- Bowens S Fit adapter

Umbrella slot

Made from durable ABS material

Can be used with a single flash head

Combines 2 flash untis to create a 400W flash head.

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£48.00 £40.00

AD-B2 Twin Head S-fit Flash Adapter for AD200 | Godox/Witstro

Godox Witstro AD-B2 Twin Head S-fit Flash Adapter for AD200

The AD-B2 Twin Head Adapter allows for one or two AD200 / Pro flash heads to be attached to create one powerful flash head or simply act as a Bowens S-fit adapter. Weighing less than 1kg, the overall stand capacity is barely affected. The AD-B2 includes a umbrella socket, allowing for any umbrella rod up to 8mm diametre to fit onto the unit. The AD-B2 comes with a strong, reinforced stand mount unlike the standard AD200, meaning that you can add more weight and larger modifiers without worry.

Godox Twin Head

How To Setup the AD-B2;

1. Remove the flash tubes from the AD-200 units, and fit them into the AD-B2.
2. Plug the two cables from the AD-B2 into the flash tube sockets on the AD-200 units.
3. Adjust the power of the AD-200 flash units in the normal way.

Godox Twin Head

What's in the box?

  • 1x AD-B2

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