Lencarta 70x100cm Chiaro Softbox
  • Lencarta 70x100cm Chiaro Softbox

Lencarta 70x100cm Chiaro Softbox

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70x 100cm (27x 39") (Order code SOF041)

85-x-85_webinner-diffuserThis softboxes is ideal for whenever soft lighting is needed, and is perfect for portrait and small product photography

It has a deeply recessed outer diffuser so it is also ideal for controlling light spill, especially when using it to light the background or to feather the light.

Fitted with both an inner and an outer diffuser, this softbox can produce both soft lighting and a much harder, specular light. It takes only seconds to remove or replace the diffusers.

As with all our softboxes, the speedring is fittted with a locking nut, allowing the softbox to be rotated to the exact angle needed. This softbox is ideal for use in most home studios, where room size and ceiling height make extra large softboxes unsuitable.

This softbox can be supplied with a speedring to fit any one of the following makes of studio flash

By default, it will fit on Lencarta and Bowens flash heads but you can add a different speedring, to fit either
Broncolor L
Broncolor S
Multiblitz V
Multiblitz P


In box:
Weight 1.48kg
Length 680mm
Height 210mm
Depth 65mm

What's in the box?
1 x Softbox
1 x Inner diffuser
1 x Outer diffuser
1 x S-fit speedring (fitted)

Please click here to see the assembly instructions

A honeycomb grid is also available for this softbox, please click here for details

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