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The Lencarta C-stand is the heavy-duty, incredibly strong, and stable lighting support solution that is perfect for any studio-based photographer and videographer. With a max payload of 10kg and a strong steel build, this light stand is capable of supporting all of your equipment safely. This stand features a reinforced, cast steel boom arm with exceptional strength to withstand harsh conditions and a longer service time. This durable studio boom arm kit is ideal for both photographers and videographers wanting something that can withstand heavy usage. Easily attach more equipment to this heavy-duty boom thanks to the strong interchangeable spigot, and then adjust the height with the built-in bracket. This light stand is foldable to make it a transportable option for on-location work. 

- Load capacity of up to 10kg

- Heavy-Duty Design

- Height Variation 130cm-300cm

- User friendly

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2x Lencarta C-Stands Century Stand

2x Heavy Duty Century Stands with Boom Arm Kits. Lencarta Studio Lighting Equipment


Double Heavy-Duty Century Stand Kit

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the size of this item it will be sent on a two working day service. If you require this item next working day, please contact us.

Century stands (also known as C stands) have always been used in the movie industry, where very heavy duty and highly adjustable stands are essential. This model includes a strong and fully adjustable boom arm, which can be removed if not required. The century stand can be adjusted to any angle, including a near-vertical point, and can also be adjusted for length. A second boom arm can also be fitted if needed. Its 3 legs can each be swiveled independently, and all metal parts are chrome plated. This C stand can, if required, be taken apart for storage and transportation.

This kit combines two of the Lencarta heavy-duty century stands, including boom arms to create a complete lighting support kit for your equipment. 

c tsand
c stand
c stand

Attach More Equipment

The strong interchangeable spigot of this stand allows for a wide range of attachments to be safely applied to this stand! The spigot can also be attached at different angles to allow for any lighting setup.

Foldable and Portable

The Lencarta C-Stand is easily transportable thanks to its ability to be folded neatly away. This makes this stand perfect for on-location shoots, as well as more studio-based work.

Adjustable Height

This stand is fully adjustable between the heights of 130cm and 300cm to offer a vast height range for you to work with. This feature means that you are fully in control of where your lighting is positioned.

c stand
c stand
c stand


This C-stand is suitable for use with flash heads, umbrellas, reflectors, softboxes, continuous lights and even ring lights.

Strong Build Quality

Weighing in at 11kg, this C-stand is built to last and create safe and sturdy lighting support for all of your equipment.

User Friendly

The boom arm to supply is easily applied and adjusted through an easy-to-use grip that holds the boom arm securely in place.


  • Heavy Duty Stainless steel construction
  • Load capacity of up to 10kg
  • Can reach a maximum height of 300cm
  • Incredibly stable stands have a strong footprint of 72cm


Minimum Height 130cm
Maximum Height 300cm
Footprint 72cm
Weight 11kg
Material Steel
Colour Silver Chrome

Safe Working Load:
It is impossible to provide an accurate and meaningful safe working load figure for any boom arm. With one of the stand legs pointing directly towards the flash head, and with both the height and the arm extension set to the minimum, it will be safe with a load weight (flash head and modifier) of up to 10kg. But if these conditions are not met then the safe working load will be lower.

Safety advice:
With all boom arms, it is essential for safety, and to prevent damage to the product, to:

1. Arrange the stand so that one leg is pointing directly towards the flash head

2. Please adjust the effective length of the boom in order to ensure that the stand is not unbalanced. Over tightening the boom arm clamp to compensate for an unbalanced boom is unsafe and will shorten the life of your boom arm.

Check out this video review. It's in french, but If you turn on the translating subtitles you'll get the idea.

  • 2x C-Stand Base
  • 2x Extension Arm
  • 4 x Grip Heads
  • 6 x Legs
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